Co-Ron-a fyris Means Radiation Poisoning: Scientists and Researchers Newly Reveal Evidence of Connection Between Cofit-19 and 5 gee Electromagnetic Radiation Poisoning

From Claire:

Excellent compilation of evidence from Ramola D. about the 5G-Covid connection. More and more evidence is emerging, particularly from La Quinta Columna as they become more and more explicit about the vax-EMF connection, which means the Internet of Bodies and transhumanism. Remember: if vaxxed people are connected to Bluetooth, they are being remotely controlled.

Wireless technology including 5G, cell phones, HAARP, 5G satellites and antennas/streetlights are all part of a weapon system, which means a hydra of weapons that include mind control weapons currently being used to push the vax and set people against each other. And let’s emphasize that the wireless technology catastrophe has been predicted for decades by hundreds of doctors and scientists:–petitions-on-emfs.html (non-exhaustive list).

This information must be spread everywhere if we – and all life on earth – are to avoid extinction.

New items added every day at For Life on Earth:

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(lots of “technical” problems on this one so it will be edited and reposted)

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