Top Virologist Says “Greatest Hoax Ever”

kb108 posted: ”

Now, I do know that some people are suffering but as you’ll see on this blog, I and many others, are leaning to the idea that the launch of 5G and spraying Wifi at t”

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Top Virologist Says “Greatest Hoax Ever”

by kb108

Now, I do know that some people are suffering but as you’ll see on this blog, I and many others, are leaning to the idea that the launch of 5G and spraying Wifi at the Earth from space is affecting the electromagnetic field and therefore is affecting humanity. You need to read the following posts for more information on this idea. Below is a personal experience I had that supports this theory:

Here’s the entire category of posts on this blog that support the electromagnetic aspect of this “virus”:

Here’s another category that you need to look at. There’s a lot to think about if you just scroll through the post titles but of course I hope you’ll read them:

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Kraken Exposes US and Global Voting Fraud – Fake News Continues To Shout -No Proof.

NOTE: EMFMadness is not for or against Trump. I am sharing this due to its investigative merits. -Admin

The Marshall Report posted: ”

The American public has been flooded with fake news and it is sad when we aren’t even aware of what is happening in our own country and we have to splice things together by investigative researching on world affairs to understand how deep the corrupt”

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Kraken Exposes US and Global Voting Fraud – Fake News Continues To Shout -No Proof.

by The Marshall Report

The American public has been flooded with fake news and it is sad when we aren’t even aware of what is happening in our own country and we have to splice things together by investigative researching on world affairs to understand how deep the corruption lies. Well, as I’ve always said, the key to investigating is asking the right questions. Hold on to your seats as we fast track through what has been and is taking place in just ONE LITTLE CORNER of this complex mess involving the sedition taking place in America.

Permanent and Temporary EMBs —
We start with “The Delian Project” which adheres to the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals and helps national elections around the world to tabulate votes. Isn’t that grand? They are bringing their expertise to assist voters in exercising their democratic franchise by bringing consistency, transparency, and speed to the voting process.

26th Annual Conference and General Assembly Meeting, Sofia, Bulgaria | Aссоциация Организаторов Выборов Стран Европы
Recently they held a conference to discuss specific election outcomes and to discuss COVID GUIDELINES FOR UPCOMING ELECTIONS. What have they learned from the recent elections? What do they need to improve on? How can they do this? Well, that Symposium was held before Sidney Powell released the Kraken, and before President Trump fired Esper and put Miller in charge of the DOD, and before the confiscation of the DOMINION server in Frankfort, Germany. Does anyone wonder what their next symposium will be based on?

Will they have the answers to how a bankrupt Spanish Company ended up counting US election results?

Will they have information on why Biden is implicated in the Dominion /Serbia election voter fraud scam?

Will they have information on why Biden is implicated in the Dominion /Serbia election voter fraud scam?

The symposium will cover the analysis of the specifics and mechanics of election day, the challenges of dealing with misinformation about the process, as well as the post-election aspects of the recent election. All centered around mail in voting during their PLANDEMIC COVID -19 ELECTIONS.

Which made me take a double think. “Follow the COVID GUIDELINES FOR UPCOMING ELECTIONS? What benefits everyone in the DNC when it comes to mail in ballots? ” The website stated – The fourth online symposium tackled the EXPERIENCES from ELECTIONS held in Lithuania, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and the U.S.

Which made me ask myself…”What do all of these nations all have in common?” If you haven’t guessed it… they are all having VOTER FRAUD CHARGES and ISSUES.

Lithuania: Lithuania president vetoes coalition in vote fraud row | Reuters

Republic of Moldova:


I found it interesting that the corruption in Ukraine was so embedded by the Obama administration’s rules for radicals rather than Justice for the law. Here are some excerpts from an article regarding Ukraine from November 11, 2020.

“Having familiarized myself with the new policy and its ramifications,” Mr. Pilger wrote in an email to colleagues, “I must regretfully resign from my role as director of the Election Crimes Branch.”

The encounters were the latest example of Trump appointees at the top of the Justice Department overruling career prosecutors, drawing criticism that the administration was eroding the department’s typical separation from politics. Critics have also accused Mr. Barr of using the department to protect Mr. Trump and further his interests.

Barr’s Decision on Voter Fraud Inflames Existing Tensions With Anticorruption ProsecutorsAttorney General William P. Barr said that he wanted to allow prosecutors to look into voter fraud allegations before the results of the presidential race had been certified.Credit…Al Drago for The New York Times
“All of these incidents coming to light show that Barr has been single-minded in his efforts to end the longstanding norm that the Justice Department be independent from politics,” said Vanita Gupta, a former department official under the Obama administration and now the head of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.

In reality, Barr was insuring that corruption of voter fraud was not going to determine the outcome of an election that the US was to oversee due to the Obama Administrations dealings and agreements for funding with Ukraine. Old Joe had his hands in that one. Giuliani has been giving us info on this and more will come out as Burmisma investigations proceed and allow.

Thread by @AOECOIN on Thread Reader App – Thread Reader App
Well, there is a lot to clean up and the long arm of Democracy has leeched its’ corruption like a spider weaving a web around the globe thanks to DELIAN the proud signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and its Code of Conduct.


MAIL IN VOTING. Which is now proving to be the Dominion fraud that allowed the entire world to have illegal elections and a handful of global elite to determine who they will have run the nations. It is voter fraud on steroids.

If anyone wants to pull the layers of the onion back I suggest start peeling the DELIAN BRAND… however, be careful it really makes the eyes tear as you pull back layer after layer. It certainly makes you wonder how it went on so long without anyone detecting it? But as they say on Wallstreet, “Bears make money, bulls make money, and pigs go broke”. So when you reach a point of confidence in getting away with any amount of fraud and lawlessness you desire, sooner or later, just like a pig, you get greedy and sloppy. And that my friends is what happened in the 2020 election in the United States of America.

So now that the symposium has come and gone, and the Kraken has been released, it will be interesting to hear what their next symposium will cover. Especially when it comes to how to deal with the situation when Dominion computers have been confiscated by the DOD of the United States of America and handed over to the Justice Department. Let alone the when the election fraud evidence has its’ day in court. Not sure if they will have the answers, but they will definitely be spending a lot of time trying to brainstorm a logical deceptive defense.

This is just a sliver of what Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and Lin Wood are fighting against with President Trump at the helm. Dominion’s minions have been caught and they have all the evidence.

Meanwhile, you can keep up to date on election law at 2020 Election Litigation Tracker at Ohio State and SCOTUS Blog. During the 2020 election season, they will provide up-to-date information on major election law cases as they make their way through every level of the court system. They serve as a resource on election law and administration for the general public, lawyers, educators, journalists and policymakers. You can read all of the previous election-related coverage on the link below:

2020 Election Litigation Tracker

Remember, knowledge is power and it is time to take back your resources and get rid of those who practice lawlessness and deception!

Dianne Marshall

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G. Edward Griffinfrom G. Edward Griffin 2020 Nov 21

Maker of COVID Tests Says Pandemic is Biggest Hoax Ever Perpetrated


Top pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson told Canadian government officials in Alberta during a phone conference that the coronavirus pandemic is “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.” Hodkinson, who is the CEO of a biotech company that makes COVID tests, says “There is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians.” We are seeing “politics playing medicine, and that’s a very dangerous game.”

Positive test results do not mean a clinical infection, he says. All testing should stop because the false numbers they produce are “driving public hysteria.” Hodkinson says the risk of death for people under the age of 65 is “one in three-hundred thousand” and it is “outrageous” to shut down society for what is merely “just another bad flu.”

Watch this video at Red Pill University

Light Unto the Peacekeepers

Not EMF related, but still as important if you are American.

American Patriot Email Reports

   Judge Anna von Reitz

I keep getting indications that desperate people are trying to organize their own local peacekeeping forces to enforce the Public Law, but they are often confused about how they can do this and how their activities are different from those of all the “law enforcement personnel”.

Just as there are “Americans” and “U.S. Citizens”, there are “Peacekeepers” and “Law Enforcement Officers”.

You must get it straight in your own minds who you are and under which system of law and government you are functioning—and work within that system, or you will be arrested and prosecuted. Any ignorance must be thwarted and overcome and your own proper paperwork established BEFORE you embark on a career as a Peacekeeper.

Just this morning I got an email from a group of would-be Peacekeepers in Colorado who made the mistake of trying to order “law enforcement” badges, and who…

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Outreach to Environmental Organizations


Please forward this newsletter widely. To send via social media, use this link:


Below is a template for a letter that I am sending to the Sierra Club, Audubon Society, Greenpeace, and hundreds of other environmental organizations.

Please write to organizations that you are connected with in your country. Compose your own letter, or feel free to use what I have drafted. Please send me copies of any favorable responses you receive. Contact me if you wish to work with me in this endeavor.


Subject: Urgent call for collaboration

Dear ___________ ,

In 1962, when Rachel Carson published Silent Spring, insects were so thick upon this Earth that you could not drive a car very far, anywhere in the world, without its windshield becoming splattered with their bodies. This was still true well into the 1990s.

In 1970, Jacques Cousteau warned that the oceans were dying. Today the situation is far worse: it is predicted that in less than 30 years there will be more plastics than fish in the seas.

“Where Have All the Songbirds Gone?” wrote Joseph Wallace in the March/April 1986 issue of Sierra magazine. But in 1986 millions of birds were not yet falling dead out of the sky for lack of insects to eat, a circumstance that happened in North America during the fall migrations of 2020.

I write to (name of organization) today for two reasons. First, because the environmental movement has become fragmented, and its pieces must be woven back together into a whole in order to save this planet. Second, because there is a pervasive threat to insects, oceans, wildlife, and forests which has gone unrecognized and which cannot continue to be ignored. This is the electromagnetic soup in which we have immersed our world since the 1990s, courtesy of wireless technology. The rapidity with which this radiation is intensifying right now on land and sea due to 5G antennas and satellites is incredible. Living things cannot withstand it. Unless we join together and put a halt to it we have no chance of survival.

I write today to invite (name of organization) to work together with us and other environmental organizations, representing the different constituencies of nature, to do whatever is necessary to ensure the future of life on Earth and to halt the engines of its impending destruction.

Please take a look at the resources that are listed in the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space and the information on I also invite you to read my ground-breaking book, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life (White River Junction, VT: Chelsea Green 2020), and consult its 139-page bibliography.

I look forward to working with you.



The alteration of the earth’s electromagnetic environment is rapidly accelerating.

SpaceX Begins Public Beta Testing

SpaceX has accelerated the launchings of its Starlink satellite constellation, adding 180 new satellites during the month of October. Sixty satellites were launched on October 6, sixty more on October 18, and sixty more on October 24. This brings to approximately 858 the number of SpaceX’s satellites now orbiting in the earth’s ionosphere.

On October 26, SpaceX sent an email to eligible applicants, telling them it was beginning its public beta testing program. For $499, plus $99 per month, SpaceX will send everyone in the program a user terminal, a mounting tripod, and a WiFi router. Until now, the operation of the satellites has been tested only by employees of SpaceX.

Public beta testers are advised that they are required to mount their user terminals in fixed locations on their own property. Once commercial service begins, however, user terminals will also be able to be mounted on vehicles, as well as on ships at sea.

During the week of October 26, some residents of Washington, Idaho, Montana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan gained access to the public beta testing program. The following week, SpaceX sent out several thousand more invitations to people in the northern United States. Beta testers in southern Canada will soon join them. On November 6, Canada’s Innovation, Science and Economic Development agency (ISED) granted SpaceX permission to operate in Canada.

The onset of public beta testing has coincided with reports of intensified heart palpitations from some of my correspondents, and with a sudden increase in hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19 in many countries.

Incentive for Deforestation?

The availability of 5G from space could accelerate deforestation. The email from SpaceX comes with a set of Frequently Asked Questions, which states:

“Starlink needs a clear view of the sky to ensure continuous, best quality service. Your Starlink should have a view of the sky free from obstructions such as trees… Your Starlink needs to be able to ‘see’ every part of the sky where a satellite it is communicating with may fly. This is your Starlink’s ‘field of view.’… This is important as even small obstructions (single tree, pole, etc.) can interrupt your service.”

Considering that 700,000 Americans who live and travel in remote locations have already expressed interest in receiving Internet from space once Starlink is up and running, this could be an incentive to cut down trees all over the world.

SpaceX’s Earth Stations

The Starlink system requires earth stations, scattered throughout the world, in order to monitor, control, and relay signals from all of the satellites. Thus far, SpaceX has applied for and/or built earth stations in the following locations, just in the United States:

Alabama: Robertsdale
Alaska: One at the Kuparuk River Oil Field, and another nearby at Prudhoe Bay at the head of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline
Arizona: Roll
California: Adelanto, Arbuckle, Hawthorne, Robbins, Tionesta
Connecticut: Litchfield
Florida: Cape Canaveral, De Leon Springs, Punta Gorda
Georgia: Baxley
Idaho: Colburn
Kansas: Inman
Maine: Loring
Michigan: Manistique
Minnesota: Hitterdal
Missouri: Warren
Montana: Butte, Conrad
Nebraska: Nemaha
Nevada: Panaca
New York: Beekmantown
North Carolina: Mandale, Wise
North Dakota: Cass County, Slope County
Oklahoma: Springer
Oregon: Charleston
Pennsylvania: Greenville
South Carolina: Gaffney
Tennessee: Savannah, Tracy City
Texas: Boca Chica, Dumas, McGregor, Sanderson
Utah: Coalville, Vernon
Washington: Brewster, Kalama, North Bend, Prosser, Redmond
Wisconsin: Merriland
Wyoming: Evanston

SpaceX is operating, or will operate, 8 antenna domes at each of the above locations, in order to track 8 satellites at the same time.

In Europe, SpaceX has already been granted licenses for three earth stations in France, at Gravelines, Villenave-d’Ornon, and Belin-Béliet.


The expansion of 5G on the ground is also accelerating. On October 23, 2020, the Federal Communications Commission granted licenses for 5G spectrum to 175 Indian tribes in the United States that had applied for them. These tribes are:

Alabama: Poarch Band of Creek

Alaska: Akiak, Algaaciq, Aniak, Asa’carsarmiut, Chignik Lagoon, Curyung, Metlakatla, Nanwalek, Barrow Inupiat, Chenega, Marshall, Paimiut, Port Heiden, Orutsararmiut, Pilot Station, Port Graham, Ruby, Tatitlek, Yupiit

Arizona: Gila River, Havasupai, Hopi, Hualapai, Kaibab, San Carlos Apache, Tohono O’odham, White Mountain Apache, Yavapai-Prescott

Arizona and California: Colorado River Tribe

California: Berry Creek Rancheria, Big Pine Paiute, Bishop, Ewiiaapaayp Band of Kumeyaay, Fort Independence Community of Paiute, Jackson Rancheria Band of Miwuk, Kathia Band of Pomo, La Posta Band of Mission, Lone Pine Paiute-Shoshone, Los Coyotes band of Cahuilla and Cupeño, Manchester Point Arena Band of Pomo, Manzanita Band of Diegueño Mission, Paskenta Band of Nomlaki, Resighini Rancheria, Sherwood Valley Band of Pomo, Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission, Wiyot Tribeca, Yocha Dehe Wintun, Yurok

California and Nevada: Timbisha Shoshone

Colorado: Southern Ute

Colorado, New Mexico and Utah: Ute Mountain Ute

Florida: Seminole

Hawaii: Molokaʻi (8 Hawaiian Home Lands), Kauaʻi (8 Hawaiian Home Lands), Maui (9 Hawaiian Home Lands), Lānaʻi (1 Hawaiian Home Land)

Idaho: Coeur d’Alene, Kootenia, Nez Perce

Idaho and Nevada: Shoshone-Paiute

Iowa: Meskwaki Nation – Sac and Fox Tribe of the Mississippi

Kansas and Nebraska: Iowa Tribe

Louisiana: Coushatta, Jena Band of Choctaw, Tunica-Biloxi

Michigan: Bay Mills, Keweenaw Bay, Little Traverse Bay Band of Odawa

Minnesota: Prairie Island, Red Lake, Upper Sioux

Mississippi: Mississippi Band of Choctaw

Montana: Blackfeet, Chippewa Cree, Confederated Salish and Kootenai, Crow, Fort Belknap, Fort Peck Assiniboine & Sioux, Northern Cheyenne

Nebraska: Nebraska Indian Community

Nevada: Ely Shoshone, Fallon Paiute Shoshone, Lovelock Paiute, Moapa Band of Paiute, Pyramid Lake Paiute, Summit Lake Paiute, and Te-Moak Bands of Western Shoshone: Elko Colony, Wells Colony, Battle Mountain Reservation, South Fork Reservation

Nevada and Utah: Confederated Tribes of the Goshute

New Mexico: Fort Sill Apache, Jicarilla Apache, Mescalero Apache, Ohkay Owingeh, Acoma Pueblo, Laguna Pueblo, Nambe Pueblo, Picuris Pueblo, Pojoaque Pueblo, Santa Clara Pueblo, Taos Pueblo, Tesuque Pueblo, Zia Pueblo

New Mexico and Arizona: Zuni Pueblo

New York: Saint Regis Mohawk, and Seneca: Allegany Territory, Buffalo Creek Territory, Oil Spring Territory

North Carolina: Eastern Band of Cherokee

North Dakota: Three Affiliated Tribes of Fort Berthold, Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa

North Dakota and South Dakota: Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate, Standing Rock Sioux

Oklahoma: Cheyenne and Arapaho, Choctaw, Citizen Potawatomi, Kaw, Ponca, Sac and Fox, Seneca-Cayuga, Tonkawa, Trace Fiber Networks, Wichita and Affiliated Tribes (Keechi, Waco & Tawakonie)

Oregon: Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community, Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla, Coquille, Cow Creek Band of Umpqua, Warm Springs

South Dakota: Cheyenne River Sioux, Rosebud Sioux, Yankton Sioux

South Dakota and Nebraska: Oglala Sioux

Texas: Alabama-Coushatta, Kickapoo

Utah: Paiute, Ute Tribe of the Uintah & Ouray

Washington: Confederated Tribes of the Colville, Hoh, Kalispel, Makah, Nisqually, Quinault, Sauk-Suiattle, Skokomish, Spokane, Yakama

Wisconsin: Lac Courte Oreilles, Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, Mole Lake, Oneida, St. Croix Chippewa


Here is the list of symptoms of radio wave sickness that I published in 2001: Symptoms of Radio Wave Sickness. And here is a survey containing the list of COVID-19 symptoms that researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine are circulating right now: COVID-19 Symptom Impact Survey. The two lists are substantially the same.

Radio wave sickness was originally an occupational disease that became widespread after World War II among workers exposed to radio waves. These workers manufactured, inspected, repaired or operated radio or microwave equipment. Some worked at radar facilities, others for radio or TV stations, or telephone companies. Still others operated radio frequency heaters and sealers being used in an expanding number of industries using technology developed during the war.

These workers suffered from headaches, fatigue, weakness, sleep disturbance, irritability, dizziness, memory difficulty, sexual dysfunction, skin rash, hair loss, decreased appetite, indigestion, and occasionally sensitivity to sunlight. Some had heart palpitations, stabbing pains in the region of the heart, and shortness of breath after exertion. Many developed emotional instability, anxiety or depression, and some had mania or paranoia.

On physical exam they had acrocyanosis (blue fingers and toes), decreased sensitivity to odors, sweating, tremors, altered reflexes, unequal pupil size, heart arrhythmias, and unstable pulse and blood pressure. They had abnormal EEGs and EKGs and, in advanced stages, signs of oxygen deprivation to the heart and brain. Some developed cataracts.

Blood work showed hyperactive thyroid, elevated histamine, elevated blood sugar, elevated cholesterol and triglycerides, an increase in blood proteins, a decrease in the albumin-globulin ratio, decreased platelets and red blood cells, and increased or decreased white blood cells.

This is no longer just an occupational disease. Today, because of cell phones, WiFi, and the wireless infrastructure, the whole world is exposed to levels of radio waves that previously only workers in certain industries were exposed to. Radio wave sickness is now universal among the general population. But until this year, people suffered quietly and did not talk about their symptoms with their neighbors. That has now changed.

People are now talking publicly about their symptoms. But they are still not recognizing the cause.

Unless scientists, doctors and policy makers wake up to the soup of radiation that we are all living in, we do not have a prayer of saving our environment. And unless scientists, doctors and policy makers learn to distinguish a respiratory virus from radiation sickness, we will never emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Arthur Firstenberg
Author, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life
P.O. Box 6216
Santa Fe, NM 87502
phone: +1 505-471-0129
November 10, 2020

The last 11 newsletters, including this one, are available for downloading
and sharing on the
Newsletters page of the Cellular Phone Task Force.
Some of the newsletters are also available there in
German, Spanish, Italian, and French.


Landmark 5G study by New Hampshire Commission


Landmark 5G study by New Hampshire Commission
Some Good News for a Change

How is everyone doing? These are certainly the
strangest and most challenging of times. I apologize for not keeping you better informed this year. Amid covid restrictions, protests, wildfires, and a tense election year, our EMF educational efforts have been stymied. However I have some good news for you.

The state of New Hampshire established a legislative commission to study the environmental and health effects of 5G wireless technology in 2019. They recently completed their final report which includes 15 recommendations to raise awareness, educate, promote oversight, and reduce radio frequency radiation.

I have written a summary of their report to make it easier for people to understand the gist of the report which is over 2000 pages and includes the minutes of all meetings, correspondence, links to more information, etc.

Here’s the summary: Landmark 5G study by New Hampshire legislative Commission recommends reducing wireless exposure

Here’s the Final Report

There is one exception to the recommendations of the Commission, which is their inclusion of the use of optical communications (Lifi) for schools and libraries. As far as we know Lifi has not been proven safe. We support hard-wired connections.

Overall, this report is a model of exemplary action by a state government. Please consider reading and sharing this landmark report with decision makers in your community and state in order to begin the reductions needed to protect people and nature from increasing exposure to RF radiation.

Thank you,
Sandi Maurer
Director, EMF Safety Network.

PS. Let me know if you want flyers and handouts to distribute. We can mail them to you for free. Include how many flyers/brochures you want and your address.

EMF Medical Conference January 2021


The EMF Medical Conference 2021, a virtual conference, will convene January 28-31, 2021 to review the latest exposure science. Leading physicians, clinicians, and scientists will conduct presentations on the recognition, diagnosis, and treatment of EMF associated illness, and experts in EMF assessment will present proven methods that can prevent or limit EMF exposure hazards.

The four-day Virtual Conference has been designed to educate and train health practitioners and the general public and will feature global experts including:

  • 31 speakers
  • 7 Interactive Q&A Sessions with Speakers
  • EMF Meter Workshop

This conference has been approved for 16.5 hours of CME. To register or learn more visit


SAT. 11/7: Albany & RBN + TEST Smoking Gun + “Vaccine from Hell” + Posey’s Win! + TV: “October Vaccine Injury” 11/10 & 13 in NYC

BREAKING INFO + Fwd: Covid-19 may be a parasite/bacteria nanotech invasion

Very important: (also listen to Mike Rivero’s “What Really Happened” report from yesterday on RBN which opens with an endless list of atrocities).

Please listen to Pamela Gerry’s interview and coupled with the information beneath, you will see why the drug IVERMECTIN was effective at stopping COVID:

Covid-19 nanobot notes copy.docx
More Nanobot research notes.docx
Microfelaria LYME imges.docx
Microfilia research.docx