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RBN:  Alfred will be my guest regarding his tribunal on COVID-19 Saturday @ 7pm e.s.t. ~ Please also listen to my interview last week with Ingri about her mother’s book “The Vaccine Religion” which is relevant today:    
Vaccine Free America with Sallie Elkordy 
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CV Vax:
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Friends and Relatives Unable to Monitor (for lack of access)

Nicole Sirotek, Nurse in NYC Hospital says, “Stay safe.  Stay out of NYC for your healthcare.” (cause they’re killing patients as you will hear):

From Patient (in Spanish, telephone call to a loved one from NY Hospital)  Exact translation of dying patient:
“Do you know what they did?  They injected all of these poor sick sick people.  I’m the only one left.  I swear.  I love you so much.  I saw it with my own eyes.  They brought me to this damn hospital so they can inject me and I die.  Don’t be afraid but they injected me too but God will make them pay.”
From Nurse in NYC (reported by friend):

Plandemic Documentary: Hidden Agenda Behind Covid-19

Documentary which supports all this:
More available, but this should suffice for now.  See pic attached.
“Vaccine Free America with Sallie Elkordy” 
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Fed Up!
CV19 Vax:

Dr. Mikovitz’s BIG NEWS + Rev. Danny + YIKES!

I interviewed Ingri about “The Vaccine Religion: Mass Mind & the Struggle for Human Freedom by Walene James” this evening ( and she interviewed Khalid Awan on her show (

Dr. Judy Mikovitz has tremendous news. She has the ear of the President according to her post on twitter! Here’s a recording of 3 Doctors (including Judy) and their completely different reasons for calling for Fauci’s ARREST! Judy A Mikovits,

“So glad I am finally in the ears of @realDonaldTrump
! Thank you to all of my supporters!”

I absolutely love this video from Reverend Danny (starts @ 24 mins.):

What’s in the COVID-19 VACCINE itself? YIKES!

“Vaccine Free America with Sallie Elkordy”
RBN Saturday 7pm EST

Media: Up!

CV19 Vax:

By SEPARATING us they have UNIFIED us!

I have so much info to share with you that I am not sure where to begin.

~ Interview with Joe Jones was explosive in the fact that HACKERS broke into the computers of ALL the Real Criminals ( We covered a lot territory since Joe has done extensive research on COVID-19:


~ Interview of yesterday with Senta from Belgium about the WHO director was disrupted from her and my end, so I instructed you to read her article instead ( *Same info from Glenn Beck today, which he anticipates will be removed from FB soon, so please listen now:

* Hey, I just realized that I am breaking stories faster than programs with a budget!!!

~ I interviewed 5G activist Les Jamieson who lives in NYC on Monday and it was an important interview and Les has a plan: Longer link of same:–host-sallie-o-elkordy. NOW, this is REALLY interesting in terms of 5G and COVID-19, a researcher stumbled across the locations of 5G installations which match the locations of the outbreaks!

“Something is Fishy”: Alfred sent this and it is part of a much greater story which I have been informing you about here:



More health experts on Corona Virus:

Kathy Sinnott thoughtfully sent me a reminder (Jacobson vs MA:

Is CV-19 a cover for Comet Altas which may “graze” the earth on April 29th at 7am (or within two weeks afterward)? Have you heard of the Stafford Act? Listen on how this relates to the ancient scripts.

On the child rescue front, this is a reputable person according to Field McConnell:

Letter from Gen. Flynn:

Uniformed Officer gets Standing Ovation:

Upcoming guest this Saturday on RBN: Sandy Lunoe.

“Vaccine Free America with Sallie Elkordy”
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Media: Up!


Emergency Tribunal Hearing: Corona Pandemic and the Planetary Shutdown (3rd Sitting):

The CASE to STOP the CATASTROPHE ~ ~ Thank you Alfred Lambremont Webre

Subject: Emergency Tribunal Hearing: Corona Pandemic and the Planetary Shutdown (3rd Sitting):



15 MORE DOCS since interview with Alfred on 4/1/20

“T” = “/”

Doctors who have spoken ou/ since my in/erview wi/h Alfred on April Fools day ( ~ see also:

~ Ron Paul:
~ Kaufman: Ayadurrai: (many more in/erviews)
~ Bu//ar: (entire in/erview:
~ Sherri /enpenny:
~ Andrew Saul
~ Judy Mikovi/z:
~ Doc at 10:37 in/o video:
~ Pe/er Breggin:

ER Doc: removed, bu/ you have probably seen already (very popular)

2 more Docs (one a Sena/or / also and one on coroners):

H-U-G-E because 3 Doc/ors who promo/e: Ho//es, Offi//, Fauci:

HYDROGEL with Insider Celes/e Slocum:

Pos/ed by Veronica Ivonne:
“Bill Gates and his connections to 5G

In this article you’ll see Crown Castle is the company leading the way installing 5g for the nationwide network.
In this article we find out Bill Gates purchased 5.3 million shares of crown castle!!
But wait the shares were purchased through the gates foundation! He owns almost $700 million in the company.”

WHO Direc/or /edros:

A/ 43 minu/es “RFK, Jr. Drops Bombshells on Dr. Fauci” (A/ 58 minu/es, WHOA re: Fauci & Mikovi/z):

Bill Ga/es speaks for himself:

“Vaccine Free America with Sallie Elkordy”
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Sally O. Elkordy’s Update April 12, 2020

Sweden article:

Positive Future:

Barr Opposes Gates:

COVID-19 Vaccine, first to Alter DNA ~ Tenpenny:

WHO Remove People from Homes:

6 Feet Apart:

Vera Sharov:

Bobby Slams Gates:

Dr. Judy Mikovitz on DV:

Icke Censored piece:

5G Citizen Journalist:

Trafficked Child Saves Others:

Dr. Shiva:

It Just Got a Whole Lot WORSE:

“Vaccine Free America with Sallie Elkordy”
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RBN: Bell & Crowe + England’s Expose + ICU Doc says, HIGH ALTITUDE SICKNESS (deprivation of oxygen, not respiratory failure, treating wrong ailment)

05.04.2020, 17:03, “Sallie O. Elkordy” 

Robert Scott Bell of on Selenium and CV on my show:

David Crowe of Ingri’s show: 

Journalist Christina England’s excellent CV/Freedom assessment:    

ICU Doctor says treating wrong ailment: (tagged the President on Twitter with this post).

NEW artwork (my attempt at humor in a stressful world… and favoring fellowship):  Once again I thank Joe Jones of for executing my vision perfectly!!!

CV TEST:  looks dangerous, not just ineffective: If you find more on this, please forward to me.

The meme attached is a REMINDER that we have NEVER addressed the cover-up of vaccination causing autism for April, Autism awareness month.

“Vaccine Free America with Sallie Elkordy” 
RBN Saturday 7pm EST

JUDGE WEBRE’s SOLUTION! + Child Rescues + CV Whistleblower

Human Rights Judge Alfred Lambremont Webre’s SOLUTION to the coming forced vaccination scenario (air-tight case).  1st hour CALLING ALL LAWYERS of Conscience.  2nd hour: Healthcare Professionals and Scientists.
  Vaccine Awareness & 5G 60ghz Coronavirus “Pandemic” Alfred Lambremont Webre with host Sallie Elkordy:

Scientific Exemptions from Vaccination for All of Humanity: INTERVIEW, ARTICLES & LINKS:

2 IMPORTANT videos I have been sent by many today.

~ Children Rescued in Central Park: and another version: and another:

~ Critical video which was removed and is from a Whistleblower regarding CV has been saved in FULL: 

“Vaccine Free America with Sallie Elkordy” 
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