Dr. Shiva Live: Time for Truth on Coronavirus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFczfwW99kU

See transcript attached. Great explanation of the immune system. His message is:


… Now, having said that, let’s talk a little bit about, now, you know, the key points of what I want to get to, okay? First of all, viruses do not harm or kill us. Let me repeat that three times: viruses do not harm or kill us. VIRUSES DO NOT HARM OR KILL US. Okay? …

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5G – Coronavirus Briefing 19 April 2020

Here is the latest edition of the 5G – Coronavirus Briefing, 19 April 2020

All aboard the ship of fools

  • The lunatics have taken over the asylum. A UK minister cries crocodile tears over a 13-year-old boy who appears to have died of “Coronavirus” multiple times under multiple names in mulitple countries. Spain proposes to disinfect the country by plane, spraying the population – shades of Agent Orange there? UK private hospitals have been commandeered by the National Health Service at great expense for the raging, surging, underwhelming “coronavirus” plannedemic and staff are sitting around bored. In the US, hospital staff are so bored they are choreographing dance routines in their hazmat suits. The Pentagon proposed a vaccine for fundamentalists a few years back that involves deleting spirituality, the idea being to take advantage of an outbreak of flu. And Boston (US) homeless people were found to have tested positive for the virus without having any symptoms at all!
  • Dr. Shiva tells us that Covid-19 is being used to shift global wealth (that’s from us to them, by the way, although I’m sure you weren’t asking). Cyrus Parsa gives a terrifying and must-watch interview on what is in store for us if we fail to reject the 5G / technocracy / cyborgisation agenda – far worse than any dystopia imaginable and just not an option AT ALL. And Daniel Estulin explains Bill Gates’ guilt in harming millions of third-world people already with his vaccines aimed at reducing the world population, as well as the role of WHO in orchestrating the plannedemic in order to clear the $4 quadrillion of world debt, a task normally done through war but this time being done through Coronavirus and the vaccine programme. He warns that this thing is set to start in earnest in September, and that it’s really about targeting people to kill large numbers remotely in order to transition to a new technological paradigm. Brendan Murphy asks why the measures that are claimed to be stopping the spread of the virus are killing people to “save” them from the virus.
  • We learn that the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games of 2012 predicted Coronavirus, and the vaccine that Gates is pushing would permanently alter DNA with totally unknown consequences. Showbusiness celebrities – adrenochrome, anyone? – turned out for a show to raise money for WHO to continue screwing the world despite Trump’s withdrawal of US support.
  • On the topic of space, we learn that Trump has made an Executive Order to encourage commercial mining on the moon, which is illegal under international law. The US federal government intends to do this in collaboration with commercial entities, so the bid to commodify the world does not stop with the stratosphere, ionosphere and the Earth orbits, but includes the moon as well. We also learn that Musk’s 5G satellites are being rolled out in close and lucrative collaboration with the US military, and that NATO declared space a domain of warfare in December 2019, a fact that evidently did not go unnoticed by Russia, which tested an anti-satellite weapon that can take out low-Earth-orbit satellites, so precisely those Starlink satellites, then. The US, which spends three times as much on militarizing space as do all other countries combined, and which instigated the declaration of space as a domain of warfare by NATO this last December, laughably accused Russia of warmongering!
  • Protests have erupted around the world, with people showing they are not going to put up with these lockdowns for much longer, and some sheriffs and a navy master chief in the US supported them.
  • The Truth About Vaccines – a free online educational series with 60 experts starts this week, 22 April:https://go.thetruthaboutvaccines.com/?ref=c164057b-c7e0-49f9-9b4d-8d450f604dbc

5G – Coronavirus Briefing 19 April 2020.pdf

The Telegraph: Recovered coronavirus patients test positive again in blow to immunity hopes

And in support of my position, here is a French writer, author of a book (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c77Wgp1mQew), Tal Schaller:

The title of the book, which he wrote several years ago, was “Vaccines: A Planetary Genocide?” He tells us in this video (Message urgent aux habitants de la terre ! Urgent message to the inhabitants of Earth) that he now needs to take away the question mark because he had no idea at the time, but it is a planned planetary genocide, led by Bill Gates. Bill Gates, by the way, is accused of sterilising millions of Kenyan women (https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/a-mass-sterilization-exercise-kenyan-doctors-find-anti-fertility-agent-in-u).

“Nous devons nous réveiller et sortir de l’hypnose collective de la peur Quelques ploutocrates veulent diminuer la population mondiale et imposer des vaccins obligatoires à tous en plus de nous contrôler par l’intelligence artificielle couplée à la 5G les virus ne sont pas ennemis mais des alliés et notre corps est des millions de fois plus intelligent que tous ces marchands de peur qui vous disent” Seuls nos médicaments chimiques et nos vaccins peuvent vous sauver ! voir www.santeglobale.world et la newsletter gratuite qui vous informe sur tous nos stages et formations”

We must wake up and get out of the collective hypnosis of fear. Some plutocrats want to reduce the world’s population and impose mandatory vaccines on all in addition to controlling us by artificial intelligence coupled with 5G. Viruses are not enemies but allies and our body is millions of times smarter than all those fearful merchants who tell you” only our chemical drugs and vaccines can save you !

see www.santeglobale.world and the free newsletter that informs you about all our internships and trainings

5G – Coronavirus Briefing 11 April 2020

Please find attached 5G – Coronavirus Briefing 11 April 2020

I did not manage to produce a briefing for 10 April as I was too busy working on it so this is now dated 11 April and covers two days. Even so, I did not manage to get everything in. The flow is just too great. Nevertheless, this one is packed with new information and, in particular, plenty of information on the symptoms, with lots of people describing electrical symptoms and even using the words “electric”, “fizzing” and buzzing”. They also talk about burning. It’s getting very obvious what we are dealing with, folks, and we are well on our way to new Nuremeberg trials for the culprits, whom I have named in this newsletter. One of them has even come out and written an article about how great it is to have a global plague: Lynne McTaggart, who reveals herself to be a sidekick of the eugenicist Ervin Laszlo. It’s time for us to call out the murderers, folks! If they are not complicit in this conspiracy, they need to totally condemn it in no uncertain terms. GThere is also a lot of information here about the space aspect so please read carefully. No one is paying enough attention to the space aspect and it looks as if Musk will soon have enough satellites to switch on a constellation. Watch this (actually “that”) space!

5G – Coronavirus Briefing 11 April 2020.pdf

The Telegraph: Recovered coronavirus patients test positive again in blow to immunity hopes

Look, I’m sorry everyone, but I need to say this.

When are you going to understand what is really happening here? Unless you understand it, we are going nowhere. This is a war on humanity by the elites, led by Bill Gates. It is totally orchestrated and has been from the beginning! Please wake up! I have been putting this message out for over a year if you look at my work. I can’t set the whole thing out all over again – I don’t have time and I have already done so multiple times. I have been learning as I have been going along and it has taken me two years to get to this stage and I am in no doubt whatsoever.

As a former UN editor, my job was dealing with documents, dealing with information. Whenever I say something, it is because I have the evidence. Everything I write, everything I say I back up with references. I don’t deal in hot air. In the following videos and articles i have set out the case that this is a war on humanity multiple times. I have brought forward all the evidence to support this thesis.

Corruption and orchestration

https://www.takebackyourpower.net/un-staff-member-5g-is-war-on-humanity/ (please read accompanying article, which totally exposes ITU and ICNIRP. The video itself exposes the UN Sec-Gen, whom I have found out since is a member of Club of Madrid (sister organisation to depopulationist Club of Rome)

Video: The 5G Space Weapon, Mind Control Agenda & Kill Grid: https://www.globalresearch.ca/video-5g-space-weapon-mind-control-agenda-kill-grid/5695466 (this is an overview of the entire situation, but it precedes the fake pandemic)

History of electricity and connection with military



Eugenics (depopulation), conspiracy

Claire Edwards: Hijack of 5G Space Appeal, Depopulation, Agenda 21/2030 and Climate Change: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HC1Z7Fo5mgk

Space, conspiracy

Western Insanity and 5G Electromagnetic Radiation: https://www.globalresearch.ca/lowest-5g-bidder-planet-earth-populations-wildlife-optional/5692815 (on space, and includes discussion of HAARP and mind control)

We need to understand what is happening here. The subject line above, “Recovered coronavirus patients test positive again in blow to immunity hopes” is completely explained if you understand that a silent weapon is being used against us. The eugenics/depopulation agenda has been with us for over a hundred years and has morphed into different names and structures. The conspirators want to cull 95% of the population, cyborgise the rest and imprison those allowed to continue to live in “smart” cities, while introducing one-world, totalitarian government.

You don’t need to believe this – you can go and see it in China! 14 million people have already been blacklisted. They already have social crediting. They already have facial recognition. They already imprisoned people and dragged them away by force.

I know this sounds like a horrific sci-fi movie come to life, but I’m not responsible for it. It is horribly real and I am trying my damnedest to stop this, working night and day seven days a week for the last two years. But the only way we are going to stop this is when we wake up and accept what this is.

They don’t want to kill people all at once. Who would bury the bodies? They want to kill people in waves. They are controlling the technology to do this, terrestrially and from space. They can choose who to target. They know exactly what they are doing and what frequencies to use. And this is why they want rolling lockdowns, to kill targeted people gradually.

So please wake up and stop talking about more studies and writing to MPs. WE are the people. There is NO authority on this planet. ALL authorities have proved themselves to be acting against the interests of the people. (With the honourable exceptions of a finance minister in Germany who was suicided and perhaps Boris Johnson – I don’t know how he is doing.)

We must take charge. We must stop obeying orders. We are many and they are few.

Best regards


Claire Edwards

United Nations Editor (Retired)

Co-Author and Administrator, International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space

‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Original Message ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐

On Saturday, April 11, 2020 6:08 PM, ingrid wrote:

OMG ! This is really scary although I must admit that at the same time I am glad that this is a blow to Gate’s vaccination programme. We must do everything to keep up our immunity and remember, to guard against the 60GHz effect we must take Zinc as well.

URGENT: Apart from this news we must insist NOW that the government undertakes tests re 60GHz as it will be introduced at street level everywhere shortly and Virgin offers it for WiFi ‘indoors’. We must make this our priority and discuss our next move asap as this frequency is now on the market untested and untrialled as far as I know and for any company to use. Maybe letters to our MP with insistence that PHE tells us if they have done studies on 60GHz and the Oxygen uptake yet !!

Sally O. Elkordy’s Update April 12, 2020

Sweden article: https://prepforthat.com/sweden-continues-to-resist-lockdown-as-infections-deaths-drop/

Positive Future: http://www.positivefuture.info

Barr Opposes Gates: https://www.theepochtimes.com/ag-barr-opposes-bill-gates-proposal-for-covid-19-vaccine-certificates_3305276.html

COVID-19 Vaccine, first to Alter DNA ~ Tenpenny: https://vaccineimpact.com/2020/will-a-covid19-vaccine-be-the-first-vaccine-to-alter-human-dna-to-further-advance-transhumanism/

WHO Remove People from Homes: http://republicbroadcasting.org/news/who-official-its-time-to-remove-people-from-their-homes-covid-task-force-admits-inflated-numbers/

6 Feet Apart: https://childsurvivaladvocates.blogspot.com/2020/04/six-feet-apart.html

Vera Sharov: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/coronavirus-provides-dictators-and-oligarchs-with-a-dream-come-true/

Bobby Slams Gates: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/government-corruption/gates-globalist-vaccine-agenda-a-win-win-for-pharma-and-mandatory-vaccination/

Dr. Judy Mikovitz on DV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJb-g8ZB4xo

Icke Censored piece: https://www.davidicke.com/article/567756/thank-satanic-elite-proving-right-david-icke-dot-connector-videocast

5G Citizen Journalist: https://www.instagram.com/p/B-gxgqWHKH9/

Trafficked Child Saves Others: https://ourrescue.org/blog/survivor-story-7-year-old-little-wonder-woman-helps-save-two-more-survivors/

Dr. Shiva: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xf-qv9o8nq8

It Just Got a Whole Lot WORSE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWGfuyBoNNA

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5G – Coronavirus Briefing 8 April 2020

5G – Coronavirus Briefing 8 April 2020
There’s plenty of new material again today. 
The table of contents is hyperlinked so please go to each section to see the newest items added at the beginning of each section. 
I am now dating items for the sake of clarity.

5G – Coronavirus Briefing 8 April 2020.pdf

Five Gee – Coronavirus Briefing 7 April 2020

Here’s the latest (forwarded) Coronavirus briefing, folks!
It’s now looking very good, in my view. The whole globalist game is fizzling.

5G – Coronavirus Briefing 7 April 2020.pdf

5G / Coronavirus Briefing

5G / Coronavirus Briefing 6 April 2020


  • Who the hell is Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus anyway?
  • David Icke spills the beans on the Covid-19 plandemic and gets deleted by Youtube
  • Soros’ sticky fingers in Wuhan laboratory – no surprise there
  • Dr. Thomas Cowan on Coronavirus Fear, Germ Theory, Exosomes, and Resiliency
  • More on the symptoms of Covid-19
  • Censored in the UK: don’t mention the 5G-Coronavirus connection!
  • Let’s keep mentioning that 5G-Coronavirus connection!
  • UK PM Boris Johnson in intensive care unit
  • What’s up with the Pope?
  • And much more …

5G – Coronavirus Briefing 6 April 2020.pdf