Raphaelle O’Neil Reports


An Informed Opinion with Recommendations


Raphaelle O’Neil

(Edited by Stephen Langley)

(June 5, 2019)

NEW ORLEANS citizens recently petitioned their city council to stop or delay 5G rollout until they produce a single study proving 5G is safe technology. What followed was a dog & pony show.(1) Citizens were stonewalled and railroaded. Officials ignored the precautionary principle. They favored industry over public safety. The New Orleans, Louisianna (NOLA) City Council engaged in intellectual dishonesty. The city council and the FCC both failed to cite a single specific study proving 5G’s safety. Instead, officials stated their opinions only, claiming they were informed by a series of studies supplied by industry and various agencies.The chicanery employed to avoid complying with citizens’ demands were many. The bottom line was gross negligence in insuring public safety.

Studies in Risk Where There is Chronic Exposure

According to the “Bio-initiative Report 2012, A Rationale for Biologically-based Public Exposure Standards for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF)” (2), ”There is more evidence than we need” to oppose what is obviously dangerous and deadly.

”In twenty-one technical chapters of this 2012 update, the contributing authors discuss the content and implications of about 1800 new studies. Overall, there is reinforced scientific evidence of risk where there is chronic exposure to low-intensity electromagnetic fields and to wireless technologies (radio frequency radiation including microwave radiation).

The report’s conclusion states: “There is more evidence in 2012 that such exposures damage DNA, interfere with DNA repair, evidence of toxicity to the human genome (genes), more worrisome effects on the nervous system (neurology) and more and better studies on the effects of mobile phone base stations (wireless antenna facilities or cell towers) that report lower RFR levels over time can result in adverse health impacts. There has been a big increase in the number of studies looking at the effects of cell phones (on the belt, or in the pocket of men radiating only on standby mode) and from wireless laptops on impacts to sperm quality and motility; and sperm death (fertility and reproduction).  In other new studies of the fetus, infant and young child, and child-in-school – there are a dozen or more new studies of importance.”

Industry Officials’ Opinions are Inadequate

If the lives of millions depend on the opinions of those pouring over the scientific studies who ignore the thousands of peer-reviewed papers formed over decades unequivocally showing harm from EMF (including non-ionizing, non-thermal radiation) (3), then doesn’t the public have a right to see the specific studies? If there is any dispute as to safety and public health, shouldn’t the precautionary principle, i.e. erring on the side of caution, be given to human health & welfare, rather than bias favoring industry agendas & deadlines? Large scale frequency manipulation contravenes Life’s natural order with tremendous health implications. It should not be left to luck, wishful thinking or one power player’s opinions without FULL DISCLOSURE of the logic employed to reach said opinion and LIABILITY for it. This is where the focus of public pressure should be. To date, these specific studies are not presented to the public. The scant examples & studies cited by industry and government are part of a bigger game of smoke & mirrors, one in which the question of 5G safety is avoided, revealing blatant industry bias by playing with numbers that recalls Mark Twain’s observation:

“There are lies, damn lies, and STATISTICS!”

Public Pressure is a Key to Securing Health

Public pressure is key. More people must SHOW UP to put the ‘squeeze’ on their local city officials forcing this question to be answered or to delay 5G until the argument is unequivocally resolved.

We must force this question be answered at its roots until someone at the top takes responsibility and drafts federal policy prioritizing health implications of EMF exposure. Instead, the FCC has given itself permission to grant the wireless franchise industry free reign to sue any city that balks at 5G deployment?? UNDER WHAT AUTHORITY?? The claim of alleged “sustainability”?

Environmental Impacts & Sustainability Concerns

The sustainability argument is worthy of its own critiquing article, as the “climate change driven by CO2” narrative ignores the scientific fact that the most prominent greenhouse gas on earth is actually water vapor. Even NASA states clouds and water vapor are the most significant driver of climate (4), but we ignore the significance of this because we allegedly cannot affect or increase water evaporation levels anthropogenically. Yet, we are now going to proliferate microwaves across the globe that do affect dipole water molecules and call it “sustainable” (5)?? Never mind us unpacking that whole microwaves & weather (6 & 7) conversation, for now. Suffice it to say, there is no justification to the claim of blanketing the landscape with microwave radiation as sustainable to life on earth, nor can it help combat global warming. NO.

  1. We need to see the studies. In fact, WE DEMAND IT & are NOT GOING AWAY until we get studies that factually square with empirical reality.

As an environmental activist studying climate engineering I’ve long been concerned about the use of microwaves (Doppler radar, et al.) on weather and global warming, but it was only recently that I realized the health effects of them were what was ailing me & my family’s health for years. Only after living next to a cell phone mast for 5 years did those health effects become undeniable. It is for these reasons and NOLA City Council recently granting unprecedented charters allowing the telecommunications industry to alter the landscape of our historic city, did I realize the full spectrum impact of unsustainable Wi-Fi technology. These charters put 200-300-year-old beautiful, oxygen-producing, shade oaks at risk of destruction should they interfere with signaling in any way- including those of our historic St. Charles Ave.’s streetcar line!

Cyber-Security or Citizen Surveillance?

Other 5G concerns besides health emerged:  The 5G grid as “crowd management technology, etc.” (8); 5G as the groundwork for total surveillance via the “Internet of Things”; massive cyber security issues impacting our public & private institutions and services. Issue by issue and in total, 5G is completely irrational.

Nonetheless, NOLA city council unanimously approved its deployment.

How Officials Precluded Opposition

Citizens are reasonably concerned about the health impacts of 5G.

Myself and other concerned citizens pressed the City Council to cite the studies proving 5G & “smart” technology’s safety beyond all doubt.

Failing to produce a single study, the City Council agreed to adjourn a public meeting health panel to resolve the safety issue.

Wary that panels can be a sham if not administered honestly, we insisted on including our own health experts. So as to counter the biased industry narratives we had already challenged, which are contradicted in thousands of peer-reviewed studies and our own experiences with EMF, cell towers and wireless technology, we secured an all-star team of speakers to teleconference and video conference in. Each were denied platforms.

Among them, Dr. Martin Pall, author of 5G: Great risk for EU, U.S. and International Health! Compelling Evidence for Eight Distinct Types of Great Harm Caused by Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposures and the Mechanism that Causes Them, and Dr. David Carpenter, author of THE BIO-INITIATIVE REPORT(2). These two are leading medical EMF experts issuing appeals warning of inherent dangers of 5G. Both provided the science and counter-arguments to the industry narrative.

Also on board was Frank Clegg, former Microsoft CEO and founder of Canadians for Safe Technology (C4ST) (9). He represents industry needs, measured honestly in relation to public health.

Sterling Hill, MTHFRSupport.com founder (10), was also scheduled to present as an expert in DNA & metabolic processes. He had given testimony to EPA on glyphosate toxicity. Hill understands the mechanisms of EMF on biology both scientifically and personally as a victim of Electro-hypersensitivity.

However, their testimonies were not facilitated by City Hall. Eventually, they were denied opportunity to testify.

Obvious official malfeasance-‘done deal politics’–had already occurred. The industry “experts” had already been flown in and were settled into their hotels (all paid for by industry). Only they were given the public stage.

We requested our speakers give testimony via Skype. City Hall’s technical department said no problem. A meeting was set, and we informed our speakers. All confirmed their participation.

At that point, we were meeting privately with City Council in their offices. In those meetings, they seemed interested in hearing of the health concerns we brought. But they failed to respond responsibly. In hindsight, their responses were coyly patronizing and diversionary.

City Council rescheduled the health panel, and kept us out of the loop. They blew us off. They ignored our calls. They didn’t respond to questions. They never confirmed our experts would be given room at the health panel until the day before their final vote when we were told they cannot do a Skype set up, nor even a conference call.

As a final insult we were told that our expert speakers were welcome but relegated to two minutes during the public comment section of the meeting, just prior to the final vote!

We were wholly out maneuvered.

Undermining Legitimacy: More Obstruction of ‘Due Process’

Throughout, all meetings regarding “Smart” & “Sustainable” 5G rollout were posted at the last minute. They administered the hearings permitting as little public attendance as possible.

They certainly kept us confused and scrambling to keep up with council actions.

It was sheer providence that we were able to be present in October 2018 to initially object to the rollout. At that time, we first began looking for 5G issues on the city hall “menu” and we simply got lucky as it was included.

But even then, and before and after engaging with the city council, they included or deleted it on meeting agendas at the last possible minute. They skillfully avoided legal invalidation of a public meeting. Subsequently, this pattern-and-practice of stonewalling, railroading, and obfuscation continued throughout the proceedings, and until the final vote session.

The Sham ‘Health Panel’

What passed as a “health” panel was both a joke and an insult to intellectual honesty.

The “panel” was a lone paid “expert witness” lacking any health qualifications. It was Christopher Davis, Professor of Engineering at the University of Maryland who previously testified on behalf of the FCC.

Davis lacked any medical expertise. He:

1) Ignored proven non-thermal effects of non-ionizing radiation, (11) He ignorantly ignored the fact that one does not need to “feel” radiation to suffer its effects.

2) Failed to address WIFI’s current proliferation and the public’s full cumulative exposure levels over time from all radiation sources.

3) Cited placebo tests as hard evidence that EMF was safe by implying that those who feel symptoms are suffering from an idiopathic disorder, while ignoring studies that have proven NON idiopathic perception of EMF is real (12),

4) FAILED to prove 5G is safe or address the true risks sited by thousands of peer-reviewed studies conducted over decades by individual scientists and military alike.

Despite promising a panel discussion on health before voting on the rollout of proven hazardous 5G technology across the city, NO health experts were brought in, nor allowed a seat or voice on the panel.

Rather, partiality was given to salaried industry reps to present non-medical industry business narrative. Officials relegated all health-concerned opposition to two minute public comments (rather than the usual three as stated on the speaker request cards). We were cut down and shorted at every turn.

After nearly six months of delays and diversions by the City Council and staff to our requests to see the studies proving 5G health safety they unanimously voted in favor of the new wireless charter.

When I pressed Jason Williams, City Council Chair of the Smart & Sustainable Committee, how he could ignore all of the studies we submitted and pass in favor of the rollout, especially after I had later debunked his logic in a detailed letter with links to further studies (13 & 14) – he simply stated that he reviewed all of the material that I and others had sent in. He equated what I sent him to the material sent in from the FCC, ACS, NIH, FDA, NCI, ICNIRP, siding his opinion with those studies.

When I again reiterated my original running request of which specific studies he based his opinions on, he evasively restated that his OPINION was formed on ALL of the studies covered by those organizations; that 5G and EMF is safe to proliferate across our city.

Vague Disingenuous Cop-out!

But the question stands and the onus remains on City Council to present to the public the specific studies on which they are basing their opinion. The health and quality of life of New Orleans citizens, or any locale, should not rest on unaccountable opinion.


Our 5G-related Ailments and Symptoms

Stress underlies diseaseI personally experienced the effects of wireless tech after I added in-home Wi-Fi which compounded microwave radiation from a cell tower 2 blocks away.

I experienced chronic fatigue, my heart laboring to merely move about our home. My, then three-year-old, son complained daily of being tired at 10 a.m. a time of day he should have been at his peak of energy.

I also suffered from brain fog, extreme confusion and reduced mental RAM (so to speak). I felt BLAH all the time. I struggled to stay asleep waking nightly in sweats. All of this left me irritable.

I consulted a physician by having my heart checked. EKG was normal as were my cholesterol levels. Yet I felt terrible, commenting to friends- is this what getting older is supposed to feel like? – like DYING?? All of this at 42 years of age, active and physically fit.

Our health symptoms were real and not idiopathic as we experienced them before learning of studies demonstrating these same negative health effects result from EMF radiation.

Of course, the causes were not detectable by either my or my son’s doctors.

Despite tests, our multiple complaints were not abated by supplements we were put on to “optimize” our health (Vitamin D, etc.).

Only by moving away from the tower and hard-wiring our new home internet was our health restored. However, to this day my son & I remain prone to simultaneously experiencing sudden onset symptoms of EMF exposure, such as headaches on each of us that start at the same time, affecting the same part of our brains.

Concealed Rollout of 5G Technology

All of this while 5G infrastructure was clandestinely going up across the city. We were told that 5G was only in the planning stages. Yet, mysterious wireless masts very different from the existent 4G cell towers had popped up in our neighborhood during the previous couple of years. These, we were told by the workers installing them, are 5G.

AND our own EMF exposure meters registered radiation from them!

So, not only did they mow us over in political process, but they straight up lied to us.

Media Coverage Denied

So far, our attempts to educate the local press have fallen on deaf ears. Letters to the editor of local media outlets were NEVER published.

Only Jeff Crouere of Ringside Politics with a Punch! on WLAE TV; and Monica Clark on WHIV radio, were brave enough to follow our efforts with fair and honest coverage.

But where were the majority of local news journalists?

The overall media silence thwarted community awareness reducing potential numbers of concerned citizens demanding the precautionary principle. Social media yielded a few passionate warriors, but many more were needed to insure public demands be prioritized as they did in Danville, CA where citizens were able to to defeat Verizon’s 5G rollover of their community.

Public Health Damages Now Compounding

Now that the New Orleans City Council has green lighted widespread 5G deployment, individual health complaints have begun to mount. Symptoms include sleeplessness, headaches, general malaise and more. Only a few victims are astute enough to link the sources of their symptoms to specific sources of EMF radiation, e.g., towers outside their windows, Wi-Fi in their homes and places of work and community commons.

As we work educating our largely unknowing community of the dangers that we face, so that they, too, can link ill health symptoms to causes, we have and will continue to hold City Council and the upstream agencies they relied on LIABLE for their “opinion”, pressing them all for the SPECIFIC studies that CONCLUSIVELY allowed favoring industry over humanity and public health.

During my phone conversation with an FCC representative, I asked the same question:  WHICH SPECIFIC STUDIES can the Commission cite unequivocally substantiating safety and validating the agency’s choice to cast aside decades of studies proving the contrary?

The FCC representative answered vaguely saying: “We base this on countless studies we have poured over to come to the conclusion that it is safe”.

To which I replied, “Well, if your opinion is going to ignore thousands of studies that prove what my son and I know for ourselves already – that wireless cellular technology is NOT safe for human and biological exposure, especially at the rate of planned proliferation – then we need to see the studies which have helped you form this ‘opinion.’ This isn’t a risk we are willing to allow you to take with our lives and without liability.”

To which they replied, “feel free to go up on our website and make a request there to see it”.


In conclusion, 5G cannot be allowed to stand on unchallenged science and without liability for unjustified opinions that violate our inalienable rights and constitutional guarantee of self-determination.

We are not to be forced to live in a dangerous and inescapable irradiated field of unnatural microwave frequencies.

Presently we may have lost the local 5G battle, but the lessons learned will not be wasted. The Holy War of sanity for humanity rages on.

There is NO intellectually honest and scientifically sound justification for time bound 5G rollout, either locally or federally.

Everything 5G is touted to do can be done more securely, better and more safely with fiber optics & hard-wiring.

It is my humble non-violent opinion that forcing the agencies that industry and politicians are hiding behind to produce scientific justification, that is, The Safety Studies, is the KEY.

Also, future battles over liability need to be initiated, as well as continuing efforts to inform people of the harm that has been allowed. Local citizens must convince and support their local leaders in advancing lawsuits against industry and federal agencies to insure citizens’ safety. This was done by the citizens of Danville, CA against Verizon (15).

ONLY STRONG, OVERWHELMING public outrage can hope to yoke our governments back to their stated responsibility to protect public health and welfare.

We must keep fighting at the local, state and national level. Show up at  every city council meeting where 5G is being ramrodded.



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Continuing info on installation of new whirled order

English translation is underneath the French text. Please scroll. -Admin

Date: On Thu, Apr 2, 2020 at 03:49
Subject: Fwd: Re: China virus outbreak & A Hidden Hybrid Pathogen Could Erase Humanity

A Breakdown on Current Testing Procedures
Well, whaddya know?: Coronavirus Testing Kits Heading to the UK Contaminated with Covid-19: https://www.cryptogon.com/?p=57879
Etat d’urgence sanitaire : l’ordonnance n° 2020-230du 25 mars remet en cause l’encadrement de l’installation d’antennes-relais
30 mars 2020
COMMUNIQUE – Le 30 mars 2020. Par l’ordonnance n° 2020-320 du 25 mars (dite « 6ème ordonnance »), publiée au JORF n°0074 du 26 mars dans le cadre de la loi sur l’état d’urgence sanitaire du 23 mars 2020, le gouvernement remet en cause l’encadrement de l’installation d’antennes-relais de téléphonie mobile prévu par la loi 2015-136 du 9 février 2015 relative à la sobriété, à la transparence, à l’information et à la concertation en matière d’exposition aux ondes électromagnétiques, dite loi Abeille », et déjà affaibli par la loi Elan du 24 novembre 2018 portant sur les conditions d’information du maire pour la construction de stations radioélectriques. La loi Elan fixait alors aux opérateurs un délai d’un mois au lieu de deux précédemment entre le dépôt de leur dossier d’information auprès du maire (DIM) et le dépôt de leur demande d’autorisation d’urbanisme pour l’installation d’une station radioélectrique.

La 6ème ordonnance ouvre de nombreuses dérogations au Code des postes et des communications électroniques, et prévoit explicitement :La suspension de l’obligation aux opérateurs de transmettre le dossier d’information au maire ou au président d’intercommunalité,

  • La possibilité pour les opérateurs d’implanter de nouvelles implantations d’installations radioélectriques (ou antennes-relais) sans accord préalable de l’Agence nationale des fréquences,
  • Une dispense d’obtenir de la part des services d’urbanisme municipaux une autorisation d’urbanisme pour les constructions nécessaires (permis de construire ou déclaration de travaux).

Cette libéralisation totale du secteur des installations d’antennes-relais, en plein démarrage du déploiement de la 4G+ ou de la 5G, et en pleine crise sanitaire, donne carte blanche aux opérateurs de téléphonie mobile. Toutes mesures d’information à l’égard des communes et par là-même de précautions à l’usage des populations riveraines semblent avoir été complétement oubliées, suscitant notre profonde inquiétude.

L’article 4 de la 6ème ordonnance affirme le « caractère temporaire » de ces installations, qui serait limité à la période d’état d’urgence sanitaire. Or, depuis plusieurs années, plus aucune antenne-relais n’est désinstallée sur le territoire national. L’affirmation de leur caractère temporaire nous interroge fortement et il nous apparaît que le principe de protection de la santé publique est largement ignoré. Ces nouvelles installations ne seraient-elles pas une manière de multiplier discrètement le nombre de relais 4G et 4G+ à l’insu de la population ?

Les autorités gouvernementales et particulièrement le ministère des Solidarités et de la Santé ne peuvent ignorer ni les effets sanitaires des radiofréquences, ni les rapports de l’Anses[i]   incitant à réduire l’exposition des enfants aux radiofréquences et à prendre des précautions pour éloigner les sources de champs électromagnétiques des êtres vivants, ni le classement par l’OMS[ii] des champs électromagnétiques de radiofréquence « peut-être cancérigènes », ni la tromperie généralisée des industriels ayant conduit au scandale du “Phonegate”, ou encore la publication récente de Santé Publique France[iii] sur l’augmentation de cas de tumeurs cérébrales (glioblastomes) et du rôle joué par les radiofréquences dans leur étiologie.

Nos associations militent depuis de longues années pour faire reconnaître cet enjeu de santé publique, et nous considérons que la 6ème ordonnance est contraire au principe de précaution et pourrait avoir à terme un fort impact sanitaire, en particulier pour les plus sensibles (jeunes enfants, femmes enceintes, personnes sensibles, électro-hypersensibles, etc.). La présente crise sanitaire liée à la pandémie de Covid-19 ne saurait ouvrir la porte à de telles décisions.

[i] Radiofréquences et santé, rapport, Anses, octobre 2013, https://www.anses.fr/fr/system/files/AP2011sa0150Ra.pdf

Avis et rapport Exposition aux radiofréquences et santé des enfants, https://www.anses.fr/fr/system/files/AP2012SA0091Ra.pdf

Rencontres scientifiques Radiofréquences et santé, 17 mai 2017, Anses, juin 2016, https://www.anses.fr/fr/content/rencontres-scientifiques-de-lanses-restitution-du-programme-national-de-recherche-0

Avis relatif au projet de modification de l’arrêté du 8 octobre 2003 relatif à l’information des consommateurs sur les équipements terminaux radioélectriques, juillet 2018, https://www.anses.fr/fr/system/files/AP2018SA0003.pdf

Avis et rapport, Téléphones mobiles portés près du corps et santé, Anses, juillet 2019, https://www.anses.fr/fr/system/files/AP2017SA0229Ra.pdf

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[ii] Le Circ classe les champs électromagnétiques de radiofréquences comme « peut-être cancérogènes pour l’Homme », communiqué 31 mai 2011, https://www.iarc.fr/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/pr208_F.pdf

[iii] Investigation d’une suspicion d’agrégat de glioblastomes dans une commune de l’Isère, mars 2017, Santé Publique France, novembre 2019,  https://www.santepubliquefrance.fr/regions/auvergne-rhone-alpes/documents/enquetes-etudes/2019/investigation-d-une-suspicion-d-agregat-de-glioblastomes-dans-une-commune-de-l-isere-mars-2017

“State of Health Emergency: Ordinance No. 2020-230 of 25 March calls into question the framework for the installation of relay antennas
30 March 2020
“By Ordinance No. 2020-320 of 25 March (so-called ” 6th ordinance “), published in JORF No. 0074 of 26 March as part of the law on the state of health emergency of 23 March 2020, the government challenges the framework for the installation of mobile phone relay antennas provided for by law 2015-136 of 9 February 2015 on sobriety, transparency, information and consultation on exposure to electromagnetic waves, so-called Abeille law », and already weakened by the Elan law of 24 November 2018 on the mayor’s information conditions for the construction of radio stations. The Elan law then set the operators a period of one month instead of two previously between the filing of their information file with the mayor (DIM) and the filing of their application for urban planning permission for the installation of a radio station.”
The 6th ordinance opens many exceptions to the postal and Electronic communications Code, and explicitly provides for :
The suspension of the obligation for operators to transmit the information package to the mayor or the president of intercommunality,
The possibility for operators to set up new installations of radio installations (or relay antennas) without prior agreement of the National Frequency Agency,
An exemption from obtaining from the municipal urban planning services an urban planning permission for the necessary constructions (building permit or declaration of works).
This total liberalization of the sector of antenna relay installations, in the midst of the deployment of 4G+ or 5G, and in the midst of the health crisis, gives carte blanche to mobile operators. All measures of information towards the communes and thus precautions for the use of the riparian populations seem to have been completely forgotten, giving rise to our deep concern.
Article 4 of the 6th ordinance affirms the “temporary nature” of these facilities, which would be limited to the period of state of health emergency. However, for several years, no more relay stations have been uninstalled on the national territory. The assertion of their temporary nature is of great concern to us, and it appears to us that the principle of protecting public health is largely ignored. Wouldn’t these new facilities be a way to discreetly multiply the number of 4G and 4G+ relays without the knowledge of the population ?
The government authorities, and in particular the Ministry of solidarity and Health, cannot ignore the health effects of radio frequencies, the reports of L’anses[i] encouraging to reduce children’s exposure to radio frequencies and to take precautions to remove the sources of electromagnetic fields from living beings, nor the classification by the WHO [ii] of the electromagnetic fields of radio frequency “possibly carcinogenic”, nor the widespread deception of the industrialists which led to the scandal of the ” Phonegate”, or the recent publication of Public Health France [iii] on the increase in cases of brain tumors (glioblastomas) and the role played by radio frequencies in their etiology.
Our associations have been campaigning for many years to recognize this public health issue, and we consider that the 6th ordinance is contrary to the Precautionary Principle and could ultimately have a strong health impact, especially for the most sensitive (young children, pregnant women, sensitive people, electro-hypersensitive, etc.). The current health crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic cannot open the door to such decisions.
[i] Radio Frequencies and Health, Report, Anses, October 2013, https://www.anses.fr/fr/system/files/AP2011sa0150Ra.pdf
Advice and report radio frequency exposure and children’s health, https://www.anses.fr/fr/system/files/AP2012SA0091Ra.pdf
Radio frequency and health scientific meetings, 17 May 2017, Anses, June 2016, https://www.anses.fr/fr/content/rencontres-scientifiques-de-lanses-restitution-du-programme-national-de-recherche-0
Opinion on the proposed amendment to the order of 8 October 2003 on consumer information on radio terminal equipment, July 2018, https://www.anses.fr/fr/system/files/AP2018SA0003.pdf
Reviews and report, mobile phones worn close to the body and Health, handles, July 2019, https://www.anses.fr/fr/system/files/AP2017SA0229Ra.pdf
Report population exposure to electromagnetic fields related to the deployment of communication technology ” 5G ” and associated health effects, Anses, October 2019, https://www.anses.fr/fr/system/files/AP2019SA0006Ra.pdf
[ii] IARC classifies radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”, release 31 May 2011, https://www.iarc.fr/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/pr208_F.pdf
[iii] Investigation of a suspected glioblastoma cluster in a commune of L’isère, March 2017, Public Health France, November 2019, https://www.santepubliquefrance.fr/regions/auvergne-rhone-alpes/documents/enquetes-etudes/2019/investigation-d-une-suspicion-d-agregat-de-glioblastomes-dans-une-commune-de-l-isere-mars-2017
Order out of chaos is known as the Hegelian Dialect after the philosopher Georg Hegel who described it as: Thesis – anti-thesis – synthesis or problem-reaction-solutionHegel postulated that the establishment elites or Illuminati had a strategy to control the masses through deliberately created division. They first create a problem or crisis that causes the people to react with fear and demand a solution. Then offer a solution which was already pre-determined before they started the crisis. And it appears that the solution always results in more power for them and less freedoms for us. …
The Awakening
The corona or ‘crown virus’ could well be a power grab by the elite. A live drill to see how the public respond to their ‘pandemic’ and to test how easy it would be to steal what is left of our freedoms. They are prepping us for the real thing. Push has come to shove for them…they are desperate.
As the old age dies the electromagnetic suppression of our  psychic centres, the 6th and 7th chakras is failing – running out of juice. And, as the energetic shackles fall away, our pineal gland and crown chakra are opening. We are coming online to spiritual reality, waking up en masse and changing our perspective of this ‘whirled’. Higher vibrations flood our consciousness, and we are repulsed by the idea of devouring the dead like a pack of  ghouls…. and tired of wasting our energy in the fickle game of duality. See my article https://www.heartstarbooks.com/the-art-of-neutral/
George Webb Video (29:55) Epidemic of Corruption — Same People Behind COVID-19 as Behind Trump Dossier –Connect the PEOPLE!

DefDog: Fewer Deaths in Europe This Year Than Last!

All signs are that the fake pandemic is being pawned as a massive medical simulation combined with attributing all other deaths to coronavirus.
In August 2019, a group of prominent scientists warned the world that there is strong evidence that 5G may have “a systemic effect on immune function” and cause “acceleration of bacterial and viral replication.”
The proliferation of 5G, wireless technology, and dirty electricity is, without a doubt, increasing unnecessary vulnerabilities in the spread of infectious disease.
Experts Warned 5G could cause flu symptoms
M.Pall.Predicted effects 5G Coronavirus 2.pdf
Coronavirus Caused By 5G?
Disturbance of the immune system by electromagnetic fields
A comet speeding towards the inner solar system could become one of the brightest objects in the night sky, promising the most dramatic display of its kind in decades.
Astronomers believe that Comet Atlas, which in one month has grown 4,000 times brighter than when it was first spotted, has the potential to become “the comet of a generation” if it maintains its composition.
“It’s definitely a promising comet,” Daniel Brown, an astronomy expert at Nottingham Trent University, said yesterday.
“It’s pushing towards a level that by the end of April could look really, really stunning.”
The comet was discovered by astronomers at the Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System (Atlas) at the University of Hawaii, which scans the sky for near-Earth objects and calculates whether they could pose a hazard to our planet.
The comet is not a danger to Earth: it will breeze past at a distance of about 72 million miles. On its way, it could rival Venus, the second brightest object in the night sky after the moon.
Comets are clusters of ice, frozen gases and other chemical elements left over from the formation of our solar system 4.6 billion years ago. Experts liken them to dirty snowballs — or even snowy dirtballs.
“It’s a mixture of rubble and ice but it can be more snowball than dirt,” Dr Brown said.
“As they get closer to the sun they gas off this material and we get this amazing display. It’s already at a level of brightness that you can see through binoculars — this beautiful greenish halo around it and a bit of development of the tail.”
Atlas could become visible to the naked eye during the first weeks of April and, if it does not fizzle as it closes in on the sun, will be at its most brilliant by the end of May. Optimism as to its potential is driven by the fact that it is following the orbit of the Great Comet of 1843, which had a tail twice as long as the distance from the Earth to the sun.
Comets can be notoriously erratic, however. David Levy, a Canadian astronomer who co-discovered the Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet in 1993, wrote: “Comets are like cats. They have tails and they do whatever they want.”
The timing might raise eyebrows for those who believe the theory that historical comets may have contaminated Earth’s atmosphere and triggered devastating terrestrial plagues such as the Black Death in the 14th century.
Civil Liberties Under Threat From ‘Covtech’ Surveillance Apps: https://www.investigate-europe.eu/civil-liberties-under-threat-from-covtech-surveillance-apps/
ITALY – MAP – Which parts of Italy have been hardest-hit by coronavirus? (from 9 March 2020): https://www.thelocal.it/20200309/map-which-parts-of-italy-are-affected-by-coronavirus-outbreak
LATEST: Italy’s death toll from coronavirus continues to rise and has now surpassed China’s with over 3,400 dead and the number of confirmed cases above 40,000.

Italy 5G rollout as of 1 April 2020: https://www.lifewire.com/5g-availability-world-4156244

Vodafone launched 5G in Italy in these five cities in June 2019: Naples, Bologna, Milan, Turin, and Rome. The company plans to roll out 5G to 100 cities by 2021. There are several 5G phones you can buy through Vodafone’s website.
TIM (Telecom Italia), the largest telecom provider in Italy, made 5G available in Naples, Rome, and Turin as of July 5, 2019. Their 5G network went live in another six cities before the start of 2020: Milan, Bologna, Verona, Florence, Matera, and Bari. By 2021, 120 towns and cities will be covered with TIM’s 5G network.
Iliad, in partnership with Nokia, will deploy 5G across Italy.

Dès 2017, Rome a désigné cinq villes test pour la 5G : L’Aquila, Bari, Milan, Prato et Matera. …En Italie, bien rares sont ceux qui ont intérêt à freiner le train de la 5G. Pourtant quelques voix ont commencé à s’élever pour alerter sur les dangers potentiels des ondes électromagnétiques. Notamment, celles des magistrats. Un mouvement qui pourrait faire de l’ombre à la flamboyante technologie. … Fort de cette victoire, en 2018 l’avocat, avec l’association APPLE, a décidé d’attaquer devant les tribunaux administratifs les ministères de la Santé, de l’Environnement, de l’Éducation et du Développement économique. Le motif : ils n’avaient pas correctement informé les Italiens sur les risques liés aux champs électromagnétiques, comme cela avait pourtant été anticipé dans la loi italienne de 2001 sur la « Protection contre les champs électromagnétiques ».
Ils ont fini par avoir gain de cause au tout début de l’année 2019. Dans une décision qui devrait faire date en Europe, le tribunal administratif a condamné trois ministères sur les quatre poursuivis. Les juges ont assorti cette décision de l’obligation de mettre en place dans un délai de 6 mois, une campagne d’information sur les risques liés à l’utilisation des téléphones portables et du Wi-Fi. L’avocat n’a pas l’intention de s’arrêter là : « Bientôt, nous serons prêt à attaquer toute l’industrie en justice. »
Les juges tracent la voie d’une jurisprudence
L’Italie est déjà le premier pays en Europe à compter trois jugements établissant des liens de causalité entre l’utilisation de téléphones portables et le développement de tumeurs au cerveau. « Alors que le principe de précaution semble disparaître, les juges l’utilisent de plus en plus. Ils donnent l’exemple aux politiciens et leur montrent la voie à suivre en ce qui concerne les radiations électromagnétiques », affirme le biologiste italien Angelo Levis, président de l’Association pour la prévention et la lutte contre les radiations électromagnétiques (APPLE).
As of 2017, Rome has designated five test Cities for 5G: L’aquila, Bari, Milan, Prato and Matera. …In Italy, very few people are interested in stopping the 5G train. yet some voices have begun to rise to alert about the potential dangers of electromagnetic waves. In particular, those of judges. A move that could overshadow the flamboyant technology. … On the strength of this victory, in 2018 the lawyer, together with the APPLE association, decided to appeal to the administrative courts the ministries of Health, Environment, Education and economic development. The reason: they had not properly informed the Italians about the risks related to electromagnetic fields, as had yet been anticipated in the Italian law of 2001 on “protection against electromagnetic fields”.
They ended up winning the case at the very beginning of the year 2019. In a landmark decision in Europe, the administrative court sentenced three of the four ministries prosecuted. The judges attached to this decision the obligation to set up within 6 months, an information campaign on the risks associated with the use of mobile phones and Wi-Fi. The lawyer does not intend to stop there : “soon we will be ready to sue the whole industry. »
Judges pave the way for case law
Italy is already the first country in Europe to have three judgments establishing causal links between the use of mobile phones and the development of brain tumors. “While the precautionary principle seems to be disappearing, judges are using it more and more. They set an example for politicians and show them the way forward when it comes to electromagnetic radiation, ” says Italian biologist Angelo Levis, president of the association for the prevention and control of electromagnetic radiation (APPLE).

UK: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/03/29/energy-watchdog-ordered-smart-meter-roll-continue-despite-coronavirus/: Britain’s energy watchdog ordered energy suppliers to keep sending personnel into people’s homes to install smart meters despite social distancing measures outlined by the Government, The Telegraph can reveal.
A letter sent on March 18 before the formal lockdown prompted a mutiny from energy firms who refused to comply with the order, leading regulator Ofgem to backtrack on its advice to suppliers.
The letter, seen by The Telegraph, instructed suppliers to continue with the controversial roll out of smart meters, despite strict Government orders to stay at home and avoid contact with others.  “We were absolutely not going to keep sending technicians into people’s homes,” said one chief executive of an energy firm….
US Vice-President almost says “martial law”.  Search for “Did the VP almost say “martial law” in this interview?”: https://twitter.com/504_mel/status/1244056966001033216
Israel: israel communication minister put out a notice rejecting all the growing number of concern “citizens” who think there is a connection between corona and 5G and to say that 5G is completely safe bla bla story.
All dee ‘Travellers’ iz Created ‘equal like’.   Some o’ us’n ‘Travellers’ bee MOE ‘equal’ dan dee udder’n ‘Travellers’.
(On account o’…, some o’ us’n “self-in-carsk-ihr-rates” an’ udder’n o’ us “self-denigrates” their Real, True Value in Creation.  We DOES have “inestimable Value”, but lorta times, a feller cain’ tell by lookin’.)
Free online course on vitamins and health: On April 7th we are making our Vitamin Masterclass available for 8 days to watch totally for free. It’s the distillation of 44 years of experience and private practice from Andrew W. Saul, the world’s number one vitamin expert. You can watch every lesson for free, wherever you are in the world.  Register HERE for Vitamin Masterclass.
The Center for Disease Creation is SURELY the place where truly wise Scientists and other sane people congregate, and, work from, to keep me and The Whorl’ Safe.
I like the “Center for Disease Creation”.  It’s no wonder they work so well with the International Criminal Network for Non-Ionising Radiation Projection (ICNIRP)!  It’s not so much WHO as WTF really, is it?
And let us not forget the Fraud and Death Administration (FDA) and the wonderful role they have played in all of this.  As well as the American Murder Association (AMA) and the Federal Cancer Causers (FCC).
ACTION: Say NO to the Lockdown!!  PDFs ATTACHED
UK Police Shaming Brits for Walking in Nature with Drone Footage of Their “Crimes”: http://www.renegadetribune.com/uk-police-shaming-brits-for-walking-in-nature-with-drone-footage-of-their-crimes/
Evidence Suggests Virus Attacks Brain & Nervous System says Expert Neurologist Dr. Kevin McCairn
Dr Judy Mikovits was inside of all this corona, ebola, GMO vaccine thing, she has a book coming now, i really recomend it, she is alive, she was luckly:
  • Plague of Corruption AND We Must Know There ARE REAL Solutions
  • Both parts are amazing, she explains how they were working on what they are being the new pandemics, most recently this corona material was spread by the flu vaccine in older and immune weaker people, because they needed time and random opportunity to mutate the protein (virus), and so becoming more contagious and less virulent.
  • To me we are facing a piece of a multiple weapon been deployed on mankind, and of course, 5G is a part of this diabolical project.


Voltaire — ‘It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong.’
Orwell: ‘The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.’

J Krishnamurti :It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society”

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”  ― George Orwell
Item: March 16, 2020. A huge poly-metallic (gold, silver, copper) mining operation in Mongolia “has suspended operations” after authorities “restricted the movement of goods and people within the country.”
Item: March 17. In Peru, one of the world’s largest primary silver-gold producers has its 4 mines “temporarily suspended” following the Government’s Declared State of Emergency.
Item: March 18. A Canadian mining major suspends construction of a $4.7b copper mine upgrade in Chile affecting 15,000 workers.
Item: March 20. Argentina declares a state of emergency and imposes “a nationwide mandatory quarantine starting today.” Silver and gold mines across the country move to halt operations, except for “a reduced workforce to ensure appropriate safety, security and environmental systems are maintained.”
Item: March 30. Peruvian authorities extend their halt of transportation until at least April 13.
This list could be much longer, but you get the idea. Miners and explorers around the world are being told to stop production, move to “care and maintenance” or “disperse the workforce” – all due to the C-Factor. Which of course refers to the rapidly – spreading global pandemic known as novel coronavirus, or COVID-19.
Being a new strain that has not been previously identified in humans, earns this virus the moniker of “novel.” Enough is still unknown about how it spreads and what it takes to halt the contagion, that even the experts still search for answers.
These unknowns – along with the government and public response to it – means this is slated to become the most costly financial crisis in modern history. Asset classes crater across the board, with mining shares diving alongside S&P 500 stalwarts.
What’s surprising to those who do not remember 2008 is initially both silver and gold tanked. In part it’s because when funds – some of whom are leveraged 30:1 – get a margin call, they sell what they can. That includes precious metals, further depressing the price.

Due to Health Concerns, Council Members Temporarily Ban 5G Installation in Keene, NH

Mar 31, 2020 12:24 pm
By B.N. Frank Many cities, countries, and organizations have taken action against the 5G rollout including banning it, filing lawsuits and issuing moratoriums (see 1,…

Virginia Rejects $752M Utility “Smart” Meter Plan and Other Grid Modernization

Mar 31, 2020 01:58 pm
By B.N. Frank Since millions of electric, gas, and water smart meters have been installed on homes and throughout communities in the U.S. it’s likely… Virginia

World Economic Forum Ramps Up “Known Traveller Digital Identity”

Mar 31, 2020 05:17 pm
By Edward Hasbrouck On March 26, 2020, the World Economic Forum published specifications and launched a new website for a project it has christened “Known…
KTDI is a “surveillance-by-design” vision for tracking and control of travelers more dystopian than anything we have seen before.

Yahoo News: FBI Report Raises Questions — Calls China A “Biosecurity Risk”

Mar 31, 2020 06:10 pm
By Aaron Kesel A new report from Yahoo News details how a document from the FBI discusses a suspicious encounter in November 2018, one year… Yahoo News: FBI
Sheffield, in the UK has the highest number of cases outside of London….And Sheffield is the place where they cut down all the mature trees–, along every street –and there were huge protests/people chaining themselves to the trees etc. This was of course for 5G. So now it’s become a “covid hotspot”
I’m beginning to see the reality of this fake virus and accept the so called conspiracy theories as true.  I was skeptical at first but now it’s becoming so clear that we’re all being played…..
Meanwhile, some farmers in Ireland are taking advantage of the lockdown and felling large tress and ripping out hedgerows (it’s illegal between March 1st and Aug 31st) Even cutting large trees requires a tree felling licence….and I’m sure they don’t have a license…so sad to see so much destruction here at a time when we need nature more than ever.
FROM A CORRESPONDENT – People not buying the pandemic
European Commission intends to collect anonymous data through the location of mobile phones, analyzing mobility during confinement. The European Commission announced this Tuesday that it will choose one operator per Member State, including in Portugal, to collect anonymous data from citizens through the location of mobile phones, analyzing their mobility, during confinement, to contain the pandemic.
Masts coming down in Egypt (2014) – maybe this is the right option
SURVEILLANCE: Yet another country (Germany) talking about tracking people social distancing by using an app: Mit dieser Warn-App will die Regierung das Leben wieder normaler machen: https://www.welt.de/wirtschaft/article206935981/Coronavirus-Mit-dieser-Warn-App-will-die-Regierung-das-Leben-wieder-normaler-machen.html
3) New technology being developed that would allow tracking of personal contacts by means of apps on a cell phone. Right now the use would be voluntary and allow tracking of contacts with someone diagnosed with corona virus, but what about other uses that would not be so benign?  Yet another reason not to have a cell phone.
Canadian authorities in talks about COVID-19 tracking apps
“In Canada, separate projects are underway that would combine phone location data with positive COVID-19 diagnoses to notify individuals about potential exposure in what their creators say are privacy-friendly ways. Such apps would rely on data from health agencies and need the approval of authorities to be available in app stores….
“That technology would allow the phone to record with whom you’re in contact as you go about your daily life,” such as going to the grocery store, dropping something off for a friend’s house or taking care of relatives, she outlined in a phone interview. “As you’re doing that, you’re at different degrees of contact with other individuals.””
George Webb: Finding Patient Zero – Milan November Deaths: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syGTwpkKdiU
Something very odd going on with Italy deaths.  Webb is trying to unravel where it all really started.
PROPAGANDA PORN – PULLING ON THE HEARTSTRINGS – DISSEMINATED BY THE GUARDIAN – WHO ELSE?: Family’s lockdown adaptation of Les Misérables song goes viral https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdcS0Nbo7Ng
over a million views
See also the fabulous hashtag filmyourhospital on Twitter.  The comments are very funny:https://twitter.com/hashtag/filmyourhospital?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Ehashtag
WARNING: EXTREMELY SICKENING MATERIAL – this is what normal people are going to have to face up to in order to wake up to what has been happening on this planet: Original in German: https://www.legitim.ch/post/geleakte-bilder-bestätigen-tom-hanks-wurde-heimlich-vom-fbi-verhaftet
Government warned against ‘criminalising thought’



“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”  ― George Orwell
FEAR-PORN: Trump warns Americans to brace as COVID-19 death toll surges | Planet America
Yes, folks, the figures are SURGING (they’re always surging these days!) – oh, sorry, the PROJECTED figures are surging, not the actual figures, which never even slumped – they never even actually got off the ground because this is a total hoax.  But if you want some coronavirus fear porn, watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CC-vczJvnNs
I’ve been seeing the same sort of “Reports” – some of the ones you’ve included, and thankfully now, new ones as well – AND the same sort of things at “Emergi-Care” type clinics, major hospitals and Dr’s offices in my own lil’ area of Pittsburgh.
  The (thank God!) “lack” of piled up bodies, or quonset huts packed full of deathly I’ll people INDICATES ‘something’.   SomeTHINGS, actually.
  Now, I know none of ‘us’ “don’t (better to say, Won’t) believe” in literally population devastating, disease out breaks.  Of which, there ARE essentially, Two Types…, “natural plagues” – from ignoring Life requirements like proper sanitation and clean water (two ‘arm-in-arm’ actual causes of so called “natural plagues” – and artificed, “weaponized” diseases that are ladled from the cauldrons of military mad scientists, and their ‘civilian’ accomplices – the lab-rats in white coats – under the orders of “governments”.  To pro-t-e-e-e-ct “The People”.  From the other, ‘enemy’ “goverments”.
  We do not have a Whorl’-wide pandemic.  And NOT because a pandemic isn’t all too easily possible.
  So…., Why then, all the “news” of a pandemic?  And HOW then, all of this patently incorrect “news” of a pandemic?  And better to ask, knowing full well at least the “tip of the iceberg” answer to those questions…, as a well known Christian Scholar named an excellent book of his, ‘How Then Ought We To Live?’.  Not to loose track of the intended thought-line of the book, he meant – amoung other things – Since these things ARE True, what ought we to DO in Our World, with Our Lives?
  As for ME, Joshua, I Know what I will do.  And…, as importantly, what I Will NOT Do.  No matter what.
  WHEN ‘enough’ People stop doing “Wrong” things, and start doing “Right” things, what COULD possibly “go wrong” with The Whorl’?
Contrast that encouraging thought with, “what’s ‘the shape’ of The Whorl’ in…, right NOW?”

FYI: New Orleans Residents Speaking Truth and Refusing the “smart” grid infrastructure

—- Beginning of forwarded message ——–
31.03.2020, 21:59, “Raphaelle O’Neil” <raphaelleoneil@gmail.com>:

Hello, Andrew and all of New Orleans City Council & leadership, (and thank you Pat for sharing Andrew’s reply)!
Thank you for your answer Andrew, BUT… smart meters put off EMF and it is DIRTY and it effects electrical fields. We activists didn’t say your smart meter was 5G, per se. We said it has tremendous implications to human health and comes with MANY dangers- privacy, safety, security, to name just a few aside from potential of death.
Health complaints have been heard from all over the world where these things have rolled out.
As an ACTIVIST who spent 6 months in 2019 trying to get New Orleans’ city council to prove 5G was safe and after they – YOU promised us a health panel but refused our EMF expert doctors’ call in testimony (we couldn’t afford to fly them down), while allowing industry experts to bamboozle the testimonyl, they- YOU FAILED to produce a single study that proved 5G was safe for life on earth. We INSIST on seeing these magical studies now to understand your logic, as WE DON’T NEED ANOTHER WUHAN!!
TIMELINE of Events Leading Up to the Wuhan Corona Epidemic
Oct 31, 2019 Wuhan wins the race becomes 1st 5G City 60Ghz turned on throughout the city.
Dec 1 2019 Flu Vax Becomes Mandatory
2-3 weeks later the CORONA PANDEMIC STARTS in Wuhan

-China’s 5G Networks Go Live Today. It Could Be Bad News for Apple Oct 31, 2019


-China’s Mandatory Vaccination Law Went Into Effect on December 1, 2019
Flu vaccine has been PROVEN BY THE Dept of Defense to INCREASE YOUR RISK of CORONA and PNEUMONIA infections:

-Influenza vaccination and respiratory virus interference among Department of Defense personnel during the 2017-2018 influenza season

And EMF (electromagnetic frequency) causes viral outbreaks:

-Exposure to a 50 Hz electromagnetic field induces activation of the Epstein-Barr virus genome in latently infected human lymphoid cells

And 5G an even worse danger:
-The Dangers Of 5G – 11 Reasons To Be Concerned
BOTH EMF and Blue Light disrupts Melatonin levels in humans:
-Sleep, Melatonin and Light at Night
Regarding corona, it can disrupt your melatonin levels which increase your odds of having a cytokine storm by activating your NLRP3 gene:
And EMF disrupts Melatonin levels:

-Pineal Melatonin Level Disruption in Humans Due to Electromagnetic Fields & ICNIRP Limits

We said smart meters expose the population to extra UNHEALTHY EMF (electromagnetic frequencies). And, just like your wifi router at home and MORE,  add tremendous spikes in radiation that can affect many aspects of biological and metabolic processes and this can easily be shown in the effect smart meters have proven to have on EKGs, an effect I feel personally myself as an EMF sensitive individual..
Countless studies have proven EMF is harmful to Human life, as we have shown.
We also said this rollout has more to do with an agenda than anything having to do with climate, and we understand smart meters to be a part of a false “sustainability” narrative, because increasing the microwave spectrum on an overburdened population exposed to excessive radiation and an ever increasing electrical field is a crime against humanity!!
WE, WHO KNOW and are aware of the life disruptive effects of this military technology, DO NOT CONSENT AND HOLD YOU ALL ACCOUNTABLE LEGALLY, MORALLY, AND SPIRITUALLY until the day you stop this assault on all life in New Orleans (and earth)!
Living by a cell tower for years nearly killed me, and weakened my son after just a few years of exposure. I moved to save myself, but now you bring your smart meters and 5G towers to me whether I like it or not, since whether i opt out or not, I still have my neighbors smart meter hitting my head and I can feel it and measure it with my EMF reader. 
Not cool. For so many reasons, NOT COOL. I would love to see you acknowledge the studies I shared with you above.
And also, Andrew- are you saying that she and we are SAFE being exposed to the radiation on her smart meter? Are you willing to give her, us your personal LEGALLY BINDING GUARANTEE that she is going to be 100% safe in all aspects she is threatened? And if not you, then WHO?
What do you say to these facts & questions, as presented to you today?
Anxiously Awaiting Accountability,
Raphaelle O’Neil & Friends
504 975 0054


On Mon, Mar 30, 2020 at 10:30 AM Pat Jolly wrote:
I received this reply
———- Forwarded message ———
From: Andrew V. Tuozzolo <Avtuozzolo@nola.gov>
Date: Mon, Mar 2, 2020 at 1:37 PM
Subject: Re: Your gas meter is getting an upgrade.
To: Pat Jolly
Hi Pat,
The automated meters do not use the same technology as “5G” cellular service. The AMI meters that ENO uses broadcast very low power signals similar to the 2.4GHZ WiFi signal used by all common internet routers and only communicate with utility meter reader devices.
This has nothing to do with 5G (which is a cellular standard that describes the bandwidth/speed – or evolution – of the signal used in cellular technology).
I hope that helps and please let me know if you have any questions.
Andrew Tuozzolo
Chief of Staff
Councilmember At-Large Helena Moreno
504.281.9882 (c)

From: Pat Jolly
Sent: Monday, March 2, 2020 1:04 PM
To: Entergy <reply-fec712707162057a-302_HTML-271828176-7301539-38@mail.myentergy.com>; entergycustomercontact@entergy.com <entergycustomercontact@entergy.com>; Moreno Council Shared <morenocouncil@nola.gov>; Andrew V. Tuozzolo <Avtuozzolo@nola.gov>; Jason Rogers Williams <Jasonwilliams@nola.gov>; Keith D. Lampkin <Kdlampkin@nola.gov>; Joseph I. Giarrusso <Joseph.Giarrusso@nola.gov>; Amanda B. Rizzo <Amanda.Rizzo@nola.gov>; Jay H. Banks <Jay.H.Banks@nola.gov>; Jarvis A. Lewis <Jarvis.Lewis@nola.gov>; Matthew C. Schoenberger <Matthew.Schoenberger@nola.gov>; Kristin G. Palmer <Kristin.Palmer@nola.gov>; Andrew J. Sullivan <Andrew.Sullivan@nola.gov>; Jared C. Brossett <Councildistrictd@nola.gov>; Domonique C. Dickerson <Dcdickerson@nola.gov>; Cyndi Nguyen <Cyndi.Nguyen@nola.gov>; Terrie C. Guerin <Tguerin@nola.gov>; Mayor Latoya Cantrell <mayor@nola.gov>; Lisa D. Alexis <Lisa.Alexis@nola.gov>
Subject: Re: Your gas meter is getting an upgrade.
I have already refused to have a new meter installed as I am (as well as other people world wide) extremely opposed to 5G so I am again but this time in writing refusing to have a new meter installed in my home at either 1818 or 1820 Gen. Pershing Street, New Orleans, LA 70115 as I am steadfastly adamant as the owner that I will not allow this in my home. No one, much less the powers that be in the City of New Orleans, have the right to inflict such an atrocity (that has not even not even been studied by Entergy or the City Council!!) that has possible results to harm and may eventually kill people. The entire country of Switzerland, the most advanced county in the world, has outlawed 5G.
Halt and decease,
Pat Jolly
Switzerland halts rollout of 5G over health concerns
On Mon, Mar 2, 2020 at 11:06 AM Entergy Engage <engage@mail.myentergy.com> wrote:
Meet Ami, your energy assistant.
Time to learn about your new gas meter smart module.
Important information enclosed. View as a web page.

Dear PATRICIA B,At Entergy New Orleans, we’re always looking for new ways to make energy delivery more reliable and affordable. Which is why in the near future, we will be adding a smart module to your existing gas meter to help enable two-way connectivity.

In the coming months, we’ll be upgrading your gas meter at the following location(s).

Ami is here to help guide you through the installation process and to answer any questions about your new gas meter smart module.

Ami also is here to help you understand all the ways the smart module will benefit you.

David D. Ellis

President & CEO

Entergy New Orleans

Learn more about advanced metering.
view FAQ
Faster Identification
Quicker repairs now that we can identify outages more accurately.
Greater Efficiency
Conserve more energy by accessing your detailed gas usage.
Smarter Tools
New tools to help manage your gas usage, which could lead to lower bills.
Better Communication
Improved customer service with faster answers to billing and account questions.
We’ll let you know in advance when the installation will happen.
The process will take about 30 minutes.
We’ll knock on your door to let you know we are on site and ready for installation.
If there’s no one at the premises, we’ll simply install the smart module.
If we’re unable to install the smart module, a door hanger will be left explaining how you can reschedule.
Have more questions?
Meet Ami at: energyfutureneworleans.com/FAQ
Respuestas también disponibles en español.

Đáp án cũng có sẵn bằng tiếng Việt.

Or call us at 1-800-ENTERGY
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Raphaelle O’Neil