We started this year hearing from Dr. Luis Sevillano who was working out that “Covid” was none other than exposure to electromagnetic radiation from antennas near his “Covid” patients’ homes (Watch Dr. Sevillano explain how he worked out what was causing “Covid”, 21.1.21 (click image and go to 2.24.10): Since then, he has teamed up with La Quinta Columna and the QC team has done fantastic work. This video ends the year with a summary of everything that Dr. Sevillano and the QC team have found: it is an absolute must-watch: Ricardo Delgado sums up all their findings and puts them together into a formal presentation, explaining clearly and succinctly that these vaccines are none other than a human-to-transhuman conversion kit to robotise humanity and that unless we stop this right now, it is over for humanity. The people who were so selfish that they could not stand to lose their favourite toys – going on a plane or into a restaurant – so they ignorantly took the vaxx will die unless they can find a way to detox the graphene oxide, which is doubtful as it is attracted to the most electrically active parts of the body: the spine, the brain and the heart and is detoxed through the lungs. Any idiot who runs an MRI over someone’s lungs will kill them. Delgado explains why the perpetrators want people to have the boosters – to keep up the levels of graphene oxide in the bodies of the victim/volunteer vaxxed.

You won’t hear this information from your favourite online doctors, affiliate-marketing war profiteers with their flashy, expensive online conferences and video sets to sell you, or cowering EMF scientists. If you are still listening to bollocks about spike proteins and pathogenic priming, and shungite pendants to make you “safer” from electromagnetic radiation and wireless technology because you object to dying in three months and prefer a more moderate death over a year or so, just let me know that you’re more interested in bollocks than truth and I’ll take you off my list. I’m always pleased to weed out any morons who have mistakenly ended up on my email list.


ESSENTIAL VIEWING: The Covid vaxxines are human-to-transhuman conversion kits to enslave & eliminate humanity

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