The Global Conspiracy Explained

You don’t understand what’s going on? You don’t understand why the world has suddenly gone completely mad?
Watch the detailed, step-by-step analysis put out by UK Column News each Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1 p.m. UK time.
Latest broadcast today:

Why should you watch? Because this agenda is a global agenda. UK Column News goes the whole way and describes Britain as being under “a government of occupation” receiving its marching orders from elsewhere, including the order to target and murder old people. They have the courage to tell it like it is and – being virtually alone to my knowledge in exposing this scam fully by joining those essential tiny dots that have brought us here – need to be watched, and supported. This will help you understand what is going on in your country, because all of this is replicated in lockstep everywhere.

I am international and a former United Nations editor and I carefully examined the documentation on the rollout of 5G when working on the creation of the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space and established it to be a global agenda. I have been campaigning for the last 26 months to stop 5G and have therefore also carefully monitored the creation and orchestration of the non-existent (established by CDC official figures – (inflated) fatality rate 0.26%) pandemic.

My 5G Space Appeal was hijacked by the eugenicist Club of Rome/Budapest under the cover of its subsidiary organisation Worldshift last December 2019, with the full collaboration of the Appeal‘s caretaker administrator, Arthur Firstenberg. This hijack prompted me to look carefully at Worldshift and what and who was behind it.

What is behind Worldshift could not be murkier and explains everything you need to know to understand the connections between depopulation, the anthropogenic climate change scam, the Little Grater and Extinction Rebellion psyops, and now the ongoing genocide carried out under cover of the “coronavirus/covid” fear-porn psyop triggering the collapse of the world economy and leading to Terminator shots that would genetically modify the human race forever, cyborgise those allowed to live, and imprison them in “smart’ prison cities under constant surveillance and technocratic terror in an AI-controlled totalitarian state in order to leave the oligarchs behind the whole plan free to enjoy the run of the world and its resources unconstrained by the existence of dissenting humans in what they call “naturocracy”, i.e. a system that monetises nature.

In case you think any of this is wild conspiracy theory, I would invite you to explore the information published by the following very sensible, educated and informed people who are joining the dots on an unfolding and terrifying dystopian nightmare:

Catherine Austin Fitts (former member of George Bush Senior administration): The Injection Fraud: It’s Not a Vaccine:
Interview and transcript:
James Corbett: Why Big Oil Conquered the World (eugenics – scroll down for transcript):
James Corbett on Bill Gates:
Patrick Wood: ‘Ecological Leninism’ And The Useful Idiots of Technocracy:
Cyrus Parsa: 5G, The rise of the machines, extinction codes set, world dominance:
Spiro Skouras: The Great Reset Plan Revealed: How COVID Ushers In The New World Order: Archbishop Viganò: Letter to President Trump: There is an eternal struggle between good and evil:
Online article:

And everything that is playing out at the moment was set out in the Worldshift 20 Declaration of 2011, drafted by Ervin Laszlo (Club of Rome/Budapest), and supported by Deepak Chopra (, Barbara Marx Hubbard (“let’s kill half the human population and cyborgise the rest”): Chopra set up Evolutionary Leaders to promote this agenda, among whom are Bruce Lipton (inter alia, Lynne McTaggart (, Marianne Williamson and Gregg Braden.

List of Chopra’s “Evolutionary Leaders” from 2010:

Here are the aims of the Worldshift 20 Declaration, from which it can be seen that the playlist is now well under way (full document attached):

Up to a million people came out in Berlin this weekend to defy the German government’s mask and anti-social distancing dictatorship: This is a good start, but the dots must be joined if people are to understand what is really going on in its full dimensions. The time has come to recognise that we are well advanced in the collapse of the rule of law, as explained by UK Column News, and to stop this anti-human and anti-god agenda by refusing consent and compliance.

Claire Edwards
Co-author, Editor, Administrator of Translations
International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space

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Marked up The WorldShift-20 Declaration.pdf

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