Take Action Tuesday – the DIGIT Act – Steamrolling on 5G!

The Senate and Big Wireless Are Ready to Steamroll on 5G.

Who: U. S. Senate Commerce Committee
What: Hearing on S1611 – the “Developing Innovation and Internet of Things” (“DIGIT”) Act.
When: Wednesday, July 10th, 10:00 am
The Digit Act sets up a working group and steering committee within government that identifies and addresses any regulations, programs, or agency barriers to the deployment of 5G and the Internet of Things. Read the bill here.

In advance of the hearing, we’re asking you to call the offices of Senator John Thune and Senator Brian Schatz, co-chairs of the Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, Innovation, and the Internet.
Senator Thune: (202) 224-2321
Senator Schatz: (202) 224-3934

(see script ideas below)

If your own senator sits on the Commerce Committee, please call him/her as well. We must keep the pressure on our elected officials to do what’s right and protect public health before corporate profit.
Sample Script
(Try to get as much of this in as you can before they stop you!)Hello, I’m calling to voice strong opposition to S1611, the DIGIT ACT, because of the scientifically proven health effects associated with long-term exposure to wireless radiation emitted by “small cell” antennas located close to homes, apartments, schools and businesses, which are required for the deployment of 5G.

The Senator needs to be aware of the honest science, not just take the word of telecom companies that there is no risk to the public from 24/7 exposure to wireless radiation.

Fiber-optic cable is much faster, more reliable, secure and completely safe. We don’t need, or want, powerful 5G wireless antennas going up in our neighborhoods, and the Senator should not be voting to use taxpayer dollars to promote the interests of the telecom industry over the well-being and security of the American people!

Thank you.

Thanks to your enthusiastic support, we are making progress informing the public about 5G and other wireless technologies, creating a wave of public opinion that is more powerful than the giant telecom industry.

Thanks for all you are doing!

– The 5G Crisis Team

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